Building new projects together

The Foreseeable Future

Plans for new projects

It’s crazy to think that it’s only 6 weeks until the Fall semester is done. Looking back, this semester has progress much more quickly compared to last year when we were under the 5 week Ontario College strike.

Also this time last year, myself and two other friends, Mera and Vimal, chose to make use of our time off and attend a hackathon hosted by Genesys. By pulling off our first all-nighter to build Cloud 9, we ended up placing 4th out of 19 teams:


I had also dipped my feet into the Rust programming language and wrote Fiffy, a utility for retrieving information about a file. In an attempt to go even further, I dedicated some time to integrate TravisCI and publish Fiffy to My old blog post can be found here.

It puts a smile on my face to think about all of the hurdles that I’ve managed to overcome one year ago. Honestly, I can’t believe what I’ve managed to accomplish and it sort of scares me for what’s around the corner. But with that dose of inspiration, there are two new paths to be paved for the foreseeable future.

New Projects

In the remaining weeks, I’ll be supporting two projects in particular — Supernova and Creative Collab. The former is built on Rust to provide metrics about starred GitHub projects while the latter is a turn-based creative writing game.


For Supernova, I’m looking to focus my efforts towards the tooling side. To get things started, I landed a PR which introduced builds on TravisCI:

Having a fast feedback loop is key to a smooth workflow!

After speaking with Stuart, the project creator, he mentioned that he was interested in leveraging Travis to build and publish artifacts on GitHub (this kind of automation stuff is what I gawk at). While this is a new experience for me, I’m looking forward to devoting more time to automate yet another thing.

Creative Collab

Creative Collab is a real-time creative writing collaboration game. Essentially, players take turns adding text to write a short story and when completed, export it as a pdf or docx file.

Right now, we’re trying to investigate what frameworks we can use to launch a 0.1 release. The project creator, Mera, discovered, a framework that facilities turn-base gameplay.

One of the treasures from my childhood

To help see if this is what we need, I’ve found an existing project of Connect Four that uses it:

Wonder if there is a project for foosball?

It looks promising! If you’re interested in helping shape Creative Collab, join us on our Slack!

Final Thoughts

Even though I’ve been in open source for over a year now, starting our own project is intimidating. Why? Because I already know how much effort it will take to get off the ground. But something like that doesn’t really phase me, I’ve always been content on leading group projects, organizing dinners with friends and lots of other stuff. This time around, I’ll get to be the boss of someone.. wonder if I can get them to scribe future blog posts for me..


Sean 👨🏽‍💻