Win Your Audience: The Secrets to Creating Interesting Social Media Posts

Posts are the lifeblood of SEO in social media

Posts are the lifeblood of SEO in social media. No popular page ever reached superstar status in social networking sites without sharing interesting and engaging content. Unfortunately, not all great social posts get the attention they deserve.

This shouldn’t stop you from creating a solid customer base in social media.The key is to know the strategies that work to improve the level of engagement you get from users in your content.

Strategies to Make Social Media Updates More Attractive

Think of Your Network
Always consider the social platform where you’re primarily sharing the content above anything else. Every social networking site appeals to a particular demographic, which, in essence, has its own fan base. Some posts may generate thousands of retweets from your Twitter followers, but may not grab the attention of Facebook users.

The rule of thumb is to post positive content on Facebook. Positivity inspires fans, which encourages them to hit the share or like button. Twitter users, on the other hand, demand for a call-to-action statements and proper punctuation on every tweet. This allows them to know exactly what they have to do next and avoid confusion with the message you want to convey.

Use Images
Social media users respond better in visual content. As more people now use mobile devices to log in to their accounts, the use of attention-grabbing photos to complement your text-based content is more effective to arrest the eye of these users. In Pinterest, posting colourful photos, especially predominantly red images, with no human faces gets repinned more than other pictures.

Write a Knockout Intro
Every piece of viral content has a solid teaser. The best way to convince people to click on your link is to write a compelling brief introduction to the actual content without giving away too much information. It takes skills and practice to master this art. This is why it pays to hire a talented writer to create catchy intros for your social content.

Producing high-quality content is only half the battle. You should know the easiest way to draw people’s attention and persuade them to spread your content to their own inner circles. By using the right strategies, no high-quality piece will ever go to waste.