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The future of search

The World’s Most Powerful Engine

It’s not what you think

What is the world’s most powerful engine? It’s not a American muscle V8, or even a Italian V12. It’s not a…

Redefining Search Marketing: Producing Shareable Content

Search Engine Optimisation is an area that is constantly evolving. Here’s what any digital marketing strategy…

Reinventing Search

The answer is Audio/Video. What are we waiting for?

Since the inception of the internet, we have been searching solely for TEXT.

Why Natural Search is Awesome and How We Got Here

Natural Language Search — How To Go Beyond The Hype And Build a Useful Experience

The Evolution Of Desti’s Search Interface

This is a story about how one ambitious start-up tackled this subject that has riddled people like Google, Apple, Facebook and others, and came up with some…

WSDM 2014, New York

Interesting Papers from Web Search and Data Mining conference

A week ago I had a great pleasure to attend a few sessions of WSDM 2014

Will Google Glass change search? 

Maybe we’re missing the point.

Google Glass — mega-dorky misfire, or game-changing tech? Ever since Google announced the project…

Matt Cutts Says A Thing

SEO industry flips its lid—again

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of the collective industry losing its shit every time Matt…

How Will Google’s Hummingbird Update Change my SEO Practices in the Coming Year?

The world of search marketing is going through another platonic shift with Google’s announcement…

What I have learned building (so far)

I’m hacker and love to listen the songs while programming. My concept of life revolves around music and…

How the iPhone Changed The World — Not By A Tech Analyst

Through The Eyes Of An Ordinary Person

Before using an iPhone, I was skeptical towards it.

The One Thing That Will Make or Break Everything

The Best Way To Learn Is To Unlearn (And Apply What You Know)

Focusing on SEO and Social Media For Internet Marketing 

Is The Same As Flyers and Magazine Ads. How Online Marketing Should Be Done

6 Triggers That Explains Viral Marketing

There are loads of explanations all over the net over what is Viral Marketing, and what does it take to go viral. But to truly know what it is, think of it as how ideas will spread. They do not follow specific sets of templates, but they have an underlying pattern.

Read on to see if you agree.

Search Engine Ranking Is All About Social

Before it was important, now its critical.

Google loves awesome content, it’s always been a massive part of how their…

5 SEO Trends To Stop Talking About (and Why)

If you hear your ‘SEO specialist’ touting any of these trends like it’s 2012, find a new one—fast. 

Can Jelly ever really pose a threat to Google?

An analysis of the ground realities of Biz Stone’s vision of building ‘the Search Engine’ for the current world!

How did I get 1,000,000 views in 7 hours?

Scribbled by: @stvmcg

How did I get 1 million views and 2,000 unique visitors to Slingbot in 7 hours?

Search Engines
Search Engines

The future of search

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