“Machine Learning is Fun”

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    Nguyễn Thành

    Machine Learning is fun!!!

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    Marko Vuksanovic

    Medium member since Nov 2017

    I work as a consultant for ThoughtWorks. My interests are broad — web applications, operating systems, machine learning, security, IoT — anything that is fun!

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    Avijit Paul

    Thinks creating is fun and everyone should create. Machine Learning Newbie. Did a PhD.

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    Next Matters Most

    We are entrepreneurial and we are technologists. We design and develop cool stuff for clients like startups and big brands. Sharing is cool and fun too, here are some of our insights and findings. Enjoy!

  • Fun-with-AI


    Random articles about Machine Learning, Deep Learning algorithms and some cool stuff that is possible using machine learning in the field of audio, video and text.