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    ahmad abdolsaheb

    Business analyst at mind, developer and designer at heart.

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    Sukh Sandhu

    Lecturer of IT/Business & Management/Writer/Poet/Business Analyst/Webdesigner/Blogger of over 1000’s blogs/SEO Professional/Social-activist

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    Ed Dodds

    Business Analyst | Digital Strategist, Conmergence

  • The Digital Business Analyst

    The Digital Business Analyst

    Thoughts, musings and ramblings of a digital consultant by Burn Up Media Ltd

  • B2T Training

    B2T Training

    B2T Training addresses your agile and traditional business analysis training needs by focusing on value-driven and lean analysis approaches. Our experts will help your team achieve better outcomes by using "just enough" analysis to ensure you're delivering the right thing.

  • BETA Business Analyst

    BETA Business Analyst

    Business Anlaysis