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    Exploring the science and technology stories that will shape our future. http://www.futurism.com

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    Alex Steffen

    I think about the future for a living. Writer, public speaker, strategic advisor. Projects: Worldchanging; Carbon Zero; Heroic Future; The Nearly Now.

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    Tom Cheesewright

    Medium member since Mar 2017

    Applied Futurist creating tools & sharing ideas, online, on stage, on air, in print & in boardrooms

  • dxFutures


    dxFutures is a collection of illustrated sci-fi short stories about the impact of exponential technologies on our society. Presented by @dxlabdesign.

  • The Future Market

    The Future Market

    The Future Market explores and envisions what the future of food might look like over the next 5–25 years. Our goal is to envision what the food of tomorrow will look like today, through our concept food products and experiences.

  • Deep Code

    Deep Code

    Unreasonable Thoughts