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    Derrick Harris

    Founder/editor/writer of ARCHITECHT. Day job is at Pivotal. You might know me from Gigaom - way back in the day, now.

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    IBM Developer

    Open source, code patterns, tutorials, meet-ups, challenges, mentoring, and a global coding community — all in one place.

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    Aymen El Amri

    Cloud&DevOps, Entrepreneur, TechAuthor, Founder/CEO www.eralabs.io, Founder www.devopslinks.com, About me : www.aymenelamri.com

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    The Must-Read Publication for Aspiring DevOps Enthusiasts

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    Bitnami Perspectives

    Loved by devs, Trusted by ops: Bitnami makes easy to use cloud images, containers, and VMs that work on any platform.

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    Envoy Proxy

    Official blog of the Envoy Proxy