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    Laura Mabille

    Lève-tôt et adepte de #rituelmatinal | Résume des livres et parle de rituel matinal & productivité sur

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    David Dias

    Software Engineer (@Influitive 🇨🇦) with a passion for Front-End & UX / UI • Life hacker who ♥ coding, meditation and solving digital and human problems

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    Francesca Phillips

    Medium member since Apr 2017

    Marketer. Writer with a B.A. in Psychology. Bookworm. Guiding creatives to better habits for a better life. Based in NYC.

  • Forthley


    A debriefing of routines and the rituals of ridiculously smart and creative people.

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    On Mornings

    a nonfiction writing & podcast series from the HITRECORD community, in partnership with Medium

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    A Cup of Morning

    Musings from a fresh mind published every morning