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    Robin Good

    Explorer of new media technologies, communication design tools and strategies as enablers for 21st century individuals. Curation, collaboration, design.

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    Magik Gallery

    Exploring VR’s new creative tools and workflows. Sharing approaches to creation in the new universe of immersive art and design.

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    Adobe Creative Cloud

    New Tools for New Creatives. Get all the latest creative apps plus seamless ways to share and collaborate. All right on your desktop.

  • Civic Service Design Tools + Tactics

    Civic Service Design Tools + Tactics

    A central resource for best practices in service design to support public servants and help spread service design methods across New York City government.



    The design and development flow is completely divided. Designers are still relying on illustration and photo-editing tools to express themselves. STUDIO is a new type of tool that tries to do away with any abstraction. What you see is REALLY what you get.

  • The Otherlab Blog

    The Otherlab Blog

    Otherlab is an independent research and development firm focusing on renewable and clean energy, robotics, automation, digital fabrication, adaptive textiles, advanced manufacturing, and computational design tools.