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    Justin Gordon

    Created React on Rails. Blogs about Rails, React, and modern web dev ecosystem. Founded and

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    Ruby on Rails Link

    Ruby on Rails slack chat community, meet awesome developers around the world #rails #rubyonrails

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    We believe in Agile. It’s in our DNA. The rapid development framework we use, encourages communication between stakeholders and helps maintain a high standard.

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    Every 30 Days

    What new ideas, tools, or skills will you add to your life in the next 30 days? The blog by the learners, teachers, programmers, and startup geeks at

  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails

    Tutorials and opinions about development in Ruby on Rails.

  • Red Shift

    Red Shift

    Technology, remote work, and design talk. React Native, Elixir / Phoenix, and Ruby on Rails. By the people at Infinite Red.