Guide to Search Encrypt — The Privacy Based Search Engine

What is Search Encrypt?

Search Encrypt is a search engine, similar to Google, Yahoo! and Bing. However, it is a private search engine, so it doesn’t use the tracking that major search engines are known for. Search Encrypt doesn’t track any user-identifiable data, so your searches will remain anonymous.

Is Search Encrypt Safe?

Search Encrypt makes your data more private, and safer, because it doesn’t track information about you or store it on its servers. If you are worried about privacy, Search Encrypt is the search engine for you. It keeps you and your information safe from hackers and government surveillance organizations.

Is Search Encrypt a Virus?

Search Encrypt is not a virus, and it can actually protect you from breaches into your data. Some alternative search engines don’t use HTTPS, which leaves you vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. This could allow a hacker to actually inject viruses onto your computer without your knowledge.

Is It Malware?

Search Encrypt, is not malware or a virus. User privacy is it’s number one concern, as it was built with privacy-by-design. Search Encrypt will not harm your computer in any way.

Our Browser Extension

The Search Encrypt extension protects your privacy by encrypting your search terms and expiring your searches from your browser history. The extension detects if you’re using a tracked search engine and will redirect your searches, privately, to its own secure results page.

How to Add Search Encrypt to Your Browser

  • Visit our extension page.
  • Click “Install Now”
  • When prompted, select “Add extension”
  • Your searches are now being protected.

How to Remove Search Encrypt from Google Chrome

This article provides step-by-step instructions for removing the extension from your Chrome browser.

Keep in mind that without our extension, your searches using other search engines are open to tracking.

How to Remove Search Encrypt from Your Computer (MacOS, Windows, or ChromeOS)

If you decide that you no longer want our product installed on your browser, follow the steps in this article to get rid of it.

How to Use Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt works like any other search engine. Just type in your search term and press enter. All of the added privacy features are built in to the product so that it is easy to use. The search engine is constantly adding features and improving its functionality.

What Happens When You Use Search Encrypt’s Extension?

  1. Search Encrypt checks the URL of each website you visit. We do not log or store that data anywhere.
  2. For your privacy, Search Encrypt intercepts the requests if it’s on our list of sites that may track your searches.
  3. Search Encrypt encrypts your search locally using industry standard AES-256 encryption.
  4. Your locally encrypted search term is securely transmitted to our servers.
  5. To provide you with the most relevant results possible, we then decrypt your search term and securely request results from our search & content partners.
  6. We aggregate the most relevant results and securely display them to you.
  7. For added security, your local browsing history, for any search we protect, expires and goes away after 15 minutes of inactivity.

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