A Resurrected Soul

This was born as a response to Jonas Ellison’s thoughts on Easter. It started to get a little longish.


Ah, eternal bliss after I die. The ego’s method of living forever. First we invent a personal soul — an indestructible version of our mortal mind/body. Now my ego can believe it will live forever as Ghost-Vinnie. This imaginary spirit-person needs a place to live for the rest of eternity so we must invent Heaven and Hell as the two options. This gives the ego immense pleasure as it envisions living in constant bliss in a perfect place, while all his enemies are roasting in a place a safe distance from him. My belief is, that one soul is enough for every sentient being. There’s one Spirit. That’s the one eternal soul. Our human ability to remember creates a sense of identity as our ego, but all awareness is the Spirit looking through the ego into the world. When Vinnie takes his last breath, that will be the end of him. Memories dissolve. The drop of rain is absorbed back into the ocean. The infinite ocean of consciousness is the only identity I can have. I think the Resurrection Day message is, stop focusing on the temporary. Let the mortal live and die and view life from the immortal perspective. As life itself, promote Life by infusing yourself into it.

Those reward and punishment retirement homes run contrary to the Christian cornerstone of grace and mercy as the free gift from living in humility. Likewise, punishment comes karmically as a response to arrogance. Dense pilgrims keep making it all about good and bad behavior, but it’s about good and bad intent! If you like judging behavior and keeping score on your fellow sinner, you might want to read that journal of Moses and the exodus, but with this in mind — This whole epic saga was written to show us what doesn’t work. Do you really want to end up like Moses by adhering to legality? Shamed and discarded for 80 years of faithful service except for that one time… It’s all a myth, so don’t get mad at Jehovah for being a heartless sadist. Moses represented the legalistic Law so, his record didn’t matter. He made one mistake, his sentence will be as it is written. His actions illustrate the real story, that you can’t enter the Promised Land living according to rules of behavior. There’s a better law.

The second law, is introduced to Moses, picked up by King David in the first Disco age, and fleshed out in the story of Jesus. It’s the reality of love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, understanding, compassion and a short memory. We had these epic tales handed down through the millennia to compare the way of crime and punishment against the law of tolerance. One separated people, the other brings them closer together.

Resurrect yourself, pilgrim. Bring to the forefront the Spirit Man who silently abides behind your human and looks through it’s eyes at a world of One! Leave in the tomb the imaginary ego man you confuse your Self with. Eternal life is! The only separation from it is in the mind. Unthink that thought.