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A Deep Dive into Seascape’s Tokenomics

Seascape Network is a new gaming platform centered around the DeFi and NFT economies. The team uses gamification, DeFi, and NFTs to build an incentivized ecosystem for crypto gamers, developers, and influencers. Their official token is Crowns, which goes by the ticker CWS / pCWS, and is designed to incentivize all key stakeholders within the network. Seascape’s main aim is to build a gaming platform that allows developers to publish high-quality games while also enabling users to earn Crowns and NFTs for their time spent playing.

The purpose of this article is to explicate Seascape’s approach to Tokenomics, to answer the question of how Crowns will circulate throughout the economy while advancing the network’s stated goals. At the same time, this article will explain the rationale behind the distribution of Crowns in line with Seascape’s vision and needs.

  1. The Big Picture

Seascape’s approach to Tokenomics is purposefully more straightforward than that of many others in the industry. Players are able to obtain tokens directly from the games, resulting in a stronger gaming ecosystem. The vast majority of the distribution from day one goes to participants within the system to incentivize their time and encourage further building of the network. Contrast this with other DeFi projects for whom 75% or more of initial minting and distribution goes to the team, investors, or advisors. As Seascape is a gaming platform, its primary stakeholders are gamers and developers. Players attain the coin in order to use it on the platform and receive it as rewards, encouraging further engagement. This self perpetuating feedback loop is one of the cornerstones of the ecosystem. Likewise, developers are incentivized by lower buy-in prices and well documented SDKs to create more and more games for the ecosystem, thereby creating yet another feedback loop which drives growth. The bottom line is that token’s primary function is to incentivize gameplay and development, creating play-to-earn game mechanics, and as such its creation and distribution is primarily in service of this goal.

2. Token Distribution

Like all other DeFi projects, Seascape’s Tokenomics is based on a system of locking and releasing, to generate a stable and growth-oriented flow throughout the ecosystem. This growth is facilitated by incentivized play and development. There are a total of 10 million Crowns available for circulation, a deliberately small number. The chart below shows Seascape’s Token distribution.

3. Games

As shown above, 60% of the Crowns token is slated for in-game apprehension through regular gameplay as well as for incentives. Fifty percent, or 5 million Crowns are available to players in Seascape’s modularized DeFi games. These games maintain a balance of Crowns, and Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs which are backed by its universal token. This includes their currently available games such as Profit Circus, a game based around LP mining, and currently available for Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain, with more available chains as the network progresses. As stated, Seascape maintains a balance of Crowns and Crowns-backed NFTs. The financial purpose of the latter is to give users the option of engaging in additional DeFi transactions, such as leasing for interest accrual, collateral lending, etc. These transactions are embodied within Seascape’s games, released at regular intervals, to give users the opportunity to either spend Crowns or earn them (as either the tokens themselves or as Crowns-backed NFTs).

Future games released by Seascape will involve heavy use of financialized NFTs. This will include game mechanics such as leasing NFTs as collateral, or borrowing NFTs at various rates to complete game-related tasks. As the network increases in complexity, more DeFi mechanics can be gamified and integrated into the system, such as offering decentralized derivatives or futures contracts, all available in high quality, user-friendly games.

4. Community

There are a host of other methods by which players receive Crowns, such as leaderboard rewards which are issued daily and seasonally to players with high engagement levels. Community incentives include partnerships with other DeFi teams for events that provide cross-community engagement, as well as alternative ways to use Crowns not available exclusively on Seascape. This aids in the development of long-term fans and encourages direct interaction with them. Community incentives also include regular drops of Crowns based on different types of engagement, such as holding NFTs or using various aspects of the Seascape ecosystem. Since the portion of Crowns dedicated to such incentives is relatively high, the amount given is generous and engineered to inspire greater participation among users.

5. Paywave & Liquidity

Additionally, Seascape offers a Paywave function which will be an irregular occasion where the users who hold Crowns will all receive a share of the game’s profits. This will help drive both engagement and usage of the coins, as well as encourage users to hold the token. It is an even redistribution based on the amount of tokens spent. The internal set of criteria by which Paywave intervals are determined will include amount spent, user activity, minted NFTs, and other project-related milestones. The Paywave is unique in nature because it is the first token mechanic that truly makes the holders owners of the gaming platform they are using. Because so few tokenized game projects actually have games on their platforms, they also have no sinks that will take away tokens from the supply. Likewise, liquidity and CEX/DEX funds ensure both good liquidity and high APY rates, essential to the long term health of any DeFi project.

The initial concern that arises from redistribution is disturbing the balance of NFTs and Scapes, producing runaway inflation. This is fortunately not an issue as users must burn NFTs to claim Crowns rewards, or spend Crowns to mint NFTs, which locks the Crowns into Paywave, only to be redistributed under highly controlled circumstances.

6. Investors & Team

To incentivize developers, Seascape have created the idea of the Player Created Coin (PCC). Game developers may use PCCs to tokenize their projects without having to release their own smart contracts. Crowns can be used to fundraise the launch of their PCC, and then they use Seascape’s tools to lock down CWS and create a new token. This token will be available to the community through Seascape’s upcoming IDO gaming platform. The new PCC can be exchanged for the underlying CWS value at any time, effectively burning the newly generated token permanently. Tokens which back PCC are locked, and only regain the potential for future circulation when PCCs are redeemed. This method of locking is mutually beneficial for Seascape and all its affiliated partners.

Other areas of distribution include strategic and private investors, early believers in the project including Binance Smart Chain, LD Capital, and many more. Their tokens are locked for 6–10 months. Other locked tokens include those for the team which are not released until the second year.

7. Release Schedule

Seascape’s targets for release will evolve as the platform undergoes further development. In its initial phases, maintaining highly attractive community rewards and incentives are its primary focus. In the future phases of development, these will become increasingly rare, in a method similar to bitcoin mining. Although incentives will always remain at the core of Seascape’s aims, the latter phases will shift focus more to incentivizing game developers and offering governance opportunities. Furthermore, more resources will be dedicated to platform development, forming partnerships with more diverse teams, and building more cross-chain infrastructure. Users are highly encouraged to bear in mind that different phases of development will have different incentive plans, which should influence each player’s plan for engaging in the Seascape Ecosystem.

8. Get Tokens

Where to Get Crowns on Ethereum




Where do Get Crowns on BSC






Get Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs here






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