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A Dip in the Auction Pool

One of the greatest things about the Lighthouse IDO Launchpad, the world’s first with a focus on DeFi gaming, is that absolutely anyone who wants to prefund will get the opportunity to do so, provided they have passed their KYC. This is a huge new twist for lovers of DeFi games. The Lighthouse is now preparing its very first Auction Pool, for its very first project, Moonscape. In this Auction Pool, all Tiered users who didn’t make the Random Allotment selection will have a chance to fund their desired amount. Check out how to get in on the action below!

An Auction Pool is a step in the Lighthouse IDO Launchpad process, coming after the Random Allotment. All users who have gotten their Tier and registered for the IDO who were *not* selected during the Random Allotment are now eligible to fund amounts of their choice in the 24-hour Auction Pool, which will begin on the 22nd of November at 15:05 UTC.

To participate in the Auction Pool, go to the project page, where you will be notified of your eligibility for participation once you have linked your wallet. Users who wish to fund will need to do so using Crowns (CWS) on the Moonriver chain. If you already have MOVR and wish to convert directly to CWS, you may do so over on SeaDex. If you have CWS on ETH or BSC, then you may use the Meter Passport to convert your CWS to the Moonriver chain. The minimum required for funding is 0.001 CWS.

The first 100 users to fund in the Auction Pool, will receive an exclusive Lighthouse NFT immediately in addition to their Allocation NFT redeemable for the amount they funded during this round. The Lighthouse NFT can be sold on marketplaces like Scape Store, but hodlers will have their own special use cases in future Seascape games. Allocation NFTs can be claimed for MSCP tokens during the Token Generation Event, scheduled for shortly after the Auction Pool has concluded. They may also be traded and sold on the market place, and find other uses in the future as well.

The future of DeFi is already here. Be a part of the movement today.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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