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AMA Recap: Brand new updates on Staking Saloon v2 & Scape Store

Fellow Seascape OG lovers, we hosted an amazing AMA session on June 1st to talk about the latest launch of Staking Saloon v2 and Scape Store! Here are some highlights for those who missed the session and those who want to re-enjoy the hype of our AMA.

Question 1: Seascape launched 2 games on Tuesday: Scape forum and Staking Saloon v2. In this brand new version, what aspects have been upgraded and optimized?

In this update, we optimized the game’s staking and reward mechanisms. Likewise, we further improved the staking logic, and added a brand new pool with additional features, such as Check-In play, and multiple Scape selection. Our aim is to continue to provide increasingly better experience to our players.

Players already involved in the game have an intuitive understanding of how it works. But for newcomers, we recommend checking out the guide for explicit instruction.

In this new version, we have 2 pools, a specialty pool and one general pool. The difference between the two are as follows:

Speciality Pool: the user can only stake specific character NFTs of various qualities and generations. In the general pool, conversely, users can stake any Scape character, generation, or quality.

In the speciality pool, the staked NFTs will be burned when rewards are claimed. In the general pool, however, the user may reclaim their NFTs after staking them. Also, only in the specialty pool will the user have access to bonus and boosted rewards with Check-In play function.

For the updated version of Saloon v2, the specialty pool character is Trixie. Some players may not have a Trixie in their wallet, or they wish to have a higher quality in order to bring in sweeter rewards.

For this and other reasons, we decided to simultaneously release Scape Forum, so that players have the option of combining or forging a Trixie of their liking for Saloon v2.

Bonus rewards are dependent upon the quality and generation of the Scape staked. The same generation, same quality, or both at once will add handsome rewards, up to 50%! Check out the guide for further details.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that if you want to collect your bonus rewards, you will have to collect all at once! You won’t be able to collect bonus rewards individually on staked NFTs.

Check-in function is a brand new added feature. For every check-in, the player will boost their bonus rewards by 0.5%. After a fixed number of days, they will also receive an NFT reward. In this latest season, players can check-in to get Common to Legendary quality of Mercy. Also, you don’t have to worry about gas fees when signing in. This design is meant to spruce up the gameplay and keep things interesting for our players!

Seascape has been online and active for over a year, and in that time, the team has released five games: Profit Circus, NFT Brawl, Staking Saloon, Scape Forum, & Zombie Farm. They all have gone for multiple seasons.

Right now, the games are in the process of becoming more and more stable, so we are trying to explore ever more new game mechanics and models, to bring fresh new experiences to the player. Our goal is to move from a more game-based product to more of an open platform-based product.

In the previous seasons of Saloon, players were able to stake Scapes (Seascape’s original NFT series) and they would necessarily be burned when rewards were collected. In this new and improved version, Scapes staked in the general pool will not be burned, but rather can be used repeatedly, which brings more opportunities to earn strategically! At the same time, the barrier to entry for the specialty pool is a bit more limited, but the opportunities to strategize and earn are just that much greater!

Moreover, we’ve also somewhat liberalized the scope in which users can stake their Scapes. In future seasons, players can look forward to more types of NFT staking pools from other assets within the Seascape ecosystem, generating lots of opportunities for players to earn!

We have had many requests from some of our OG players about not having a safe way to swap NFTs with other players. The previous process was performed manually and required a lot of trust between players. Think of it like this: if I said I wanted to swap my Ferrari for your Lambo, I send you the Lambo and then you disappear into thin air, there ain’t nothing we can do about it! You’re short a lambo AND a ferrari. So we thought let’s control the whole swap process using audited and trusted smart contracts. So now I can just create a swap request for a Lambo and I put my Ferrari up for the trade, whoever has a Lambo can accept it and the smart contract will complete the swap. Note: the sports car analogy WAS in fact necessary, because we believe that our NFTs have a comparable store of value!

We plan to add the bundle sale feature where you can pick a bundle of NFTs and put a single price tag on it. We also want to add a “Make Offer” feature where players can traverse through the entire NFT catalog available and make a direct offer to the owner. And the offer can be in currency or NFTs or both. In the longer term we plan to optimize the UI/UX and improve sorting and filtering. We have some big plans on the horizon for the Scape Store, including some things that we can’t really get into here, but we think they’re going to continue to make big waves in the NFT space.

Questions from the Audience

If you’ve got your hands on Scapes, then there’s a pretty straightforward way to increase their power: Scape Forum. This game is for people who want to take their Scapes to the next level, by combining 5 into a newer, potentially more powerful Scape. You can stake CWS to get a lower level, or special character. This is the most direct way to go about getting your hands on specific qualities and generations of Scapes. You can also go to the Scape store and open up a bounty, to ask for any specific Scape or really any Seascape NFT in exchange for some assets that you own.

Once you have your hands on the Scape of your dreams, you can put them to use in all sorts of ways throughout the Seascape ecosystem. For instance, you can play the new and improved Staking Saloon, or you can put certain scapes in our first Lighthouse project, Moonscape. There’s also Zombie Farm which also has specific NFT requirements. Really the possibilities are endless.

Trixie is important in the short term because we selected her as a character for the specialty pool in this season of Saloon v2. The reason for choosing her is because she’s a crowd favorite! For other Scapes, such as Mercy, Armstrong, Thump, etc, they have equal opportunity to be important in future seasons as the specialty character, and generate more revenue for the players to stake.

As previously explained, they will become more profitable to the end user due to the relative stringent requirements in the specialty pool. Players in the general pool are allowed to collect rewards without burning their Scapes, and they can use them repeatedly in the future. In this way, they can accumulate more and more rewards over time.

Long story short, we like Trixie, so she’s the First Lady of Staking Saloon v2!

Craving for more answers and more information? Make sure you stay tuned to our official social media for the latest updates!

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Enjoy the Seascape.

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