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Binance Blow Out!

Blink and you missed the biggest Seascape blow out all year! Seascape teamed up with Binance to bring the world a series of patented Mystery Boxes containing zombie slayer Wichita NFTs. A mere second after launch all the boxes had flown off their digital shelves and into new and loving homes. But all hope is not lost! It’s still possible to get your hands on a mystery box in preparation for Seascape’s upcoming zombie-themed game Zombie Farm by going to the Binance market place as well as by taking part in the August Blow-Out Bash over here at Seascape.

For the next few weeks, Seascape will be holding a series of activities to keep the fire going on Binance Market. Here’s what users can look forward to to keep August totally Blown Out!

As always, make sure to stay closely attuned to Seascape’s social media for more information pertaining to dates, rewards, and much much more.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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