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Crack your Knuckles for NFT Brawl S2!

The first rule of NFT Brawl is that you definitely tell everyone about NFT Brawl! The second season of this knock-out hit has just opened its doors and that means it’s time to mint some Scapes!

NFT Brawl is back for round two available on ETH and BSC! In the second of Seascape’s original 3 DeFi games, users take their Crowns to the underground ring and spend them to mint Scapes. Check here for a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can turn your Crowns into freshly minted Generation 1 Scapes! All the usual favorites will be making a second appearance this season with the addition of three new faces that first made their debuts in Profit Circus Season 2: Tatters, Phineas, and Dimebag, available in their higher qualities. Come and participate for this season! Get in on the action for 500 CWS daily rewards and 8000 CWS in seasonal rewards!

Some things to be alert for:

  • Season lasts 30 days starting June 1st 2021 — June 30th 2021
  • Users can only mint Scapes of
  • Scapes this season are of Generation 1
  • Leaderboard rewards (daily and seasonal) have been updated
  • Seasonal Leaderboard rewards will be determined based on minting rather than spending
  • Improved drop rate! Rate of getting higher level Scapes has increased in the user’s favor! For example, spending 10 CWS on a critical hit guarantees a Rare Scape!

Don’t wait! Keep the first rule of NFT Brawl and mint some fresh Scapes on Ethereum here and on Binance Smart Chain here. And make sure you hold on to some for upcoming Seascape games.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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