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Crowns: The Core Pillar of the Seascape Network

What Are Crowns?

What Can I do with Crowns?

The Seascape Network is set to be a fully integrated powerhouse of DeFi gaming, so the possibilities are endless.

How do I Earn Crowns?

The most direct way to enter the Crowns ecosystem is through purchasing them using Ether on UniSwap, or other exchanges. Similarly, there are regular player rewards and community incentives that are announced on our social media (Twitter, Telegram, etc) as well as throughout the Seascape Network.

How do I Stake Crowns?

One of the greatest benefits of any cryptocurrency is its capacity to increase in value. Just as in traditional stock markets, a good tendency is to buy and hold, rather than cash out quickly. As the value increases over time, Crowns holders can increase their maximum earnings. As the number of players staking them in the DeFi games on the Seascape Network increases, their economic value will be consequently affected. It’s typically best to play smart, and not overly cautious.

What is the Crowns Paywave system?

Every player who owns Crowns will receive a regular paywave share. The Paywave supply is taken entirely from the spent amounts of tokens in BLOCKLORDS, and from future game or platform revenues of the Crowns ecosystem, thus guaranteeing a fixed supply cap of Crowns at 10,000,000 tokens, rather than having an indefinitely growing number which can impact the economy.



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