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Dec 2nd Mini Miners AMA Recap

With the hottest Defi game Mini Miners coming up, we had a kick-ass AMA last week. If you didn’t join on time or you want to relive the precious moment, we got you covered!

Here are the details you need to know during the AMA:

Question 1: What’s the basic game loop for Mini Miners? How should players create their own strategy in the game?

The basic loop is to send the miners to mine, wait until they are tired, use mushrooms to recover them, and then send them again to mine. But playing it will be much more interesting as players need to consider many aspects such as how many mushrooms they’ve stored up, leveling up of skills, number of miners, cooldowns, etc. And of course, sending miners to get Gold as this will be the resource that will be traded for CWS.

The strategy part comes about deciding whether to go for Gold all the time, leveling up first, getting all the miners first, or even not using any of your miners for gold but instead put them on sale and earn Gold from trading them.

Question 2: How does Mini Miners fit into the wider Seascape ecosystem?

You know Seascape games have a connected coherent logic, allowing users to strategize their way into earnings. You can always visit this link to see what mini games Seascape has going on:

Mini Miners is a game in which users can exchange in-game items for CWS, making its goal the furthering of CWS holders. This is stage one of Seascape’s ongoing plan to increase awareness of and interest in our central token, which we think is in need of more love from the wider community. Mini Miners is a great game also for community partnerships. You may be aware of our ongoing campaigns with Galxe, as well as our Gold Rush campaign. Well we’ve got another 4 lined up for more ways to get your game on, including with our most recent partners over at TaskOn.

You can find our Galxe space here:

And our Gold Rush campaign here:

Question 3: Will we be able to hire the manager or purchase diamonds in Early Access? What about gold to CWS exchange? Are there any other updates we can look forward to?

Early Access is mostly done to gather feedback about gameplay, economy, bugs and issues. As the game is not the final version, Early Access won’t have any paid features such as the manager or trading. In terms of updates, we will first focus on solving bugs and issues, balancing the economy, and identifying potential improvements to be made on future versions of the game.

Question 4: Where can I get higher level mine NFTs? Will those NFTs have any other usage in the Seascape ecosystem outside of Mini Miners?

So right now, everyone participating in Early Access can get their hands on a free Common Mine NFT. For those who wish to get their hands on a higher quality of NFT, you’ll have to wait until we have a special Mine NFT sale. The details aren’t finalized yet, but please stay tuned to our social media for details. Through it, users will get their hands on limited edition higher level Mine NFTs which will greatly increase your gold mining potential. After which time, you’ll be able to get your hands on those NFTs in the open market as per usual.

Question 5: What are the future plans for Mini Miners beyond Early Access? How long will it last, and what will happen after EA is finished?

The current plan is to have the full release by Q1 2023. This future version will include buying Diamonds to unlock the manager, new miners and other extras. Resource packs. Trading of Gold to CWS, among other new features. We are very grateful to all our Early Access players and we are planning to reward each player that plays Early Access and spend time in the game and send us their feedback.

Have more questions for Mini Miners? Follow our official social media to get more information!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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