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Get in on Liquidity Mining Action with Profit Circus!

Not long ago, we wrote an article about liquidity mining. In it, we covered the basics of what it is, where it comes from, and where we think it’s going. The short story is that liquidity mining is a popular form of yield farming, in which users supply liquidity by locking their crypto assets within a smart-contract based liquidity pool. DeFi applications like Uniswap then mint LP tokens to the user’s wallet address which can be exchanged for various incentives, such as interest, repayment of transaction fees, or freshly minted crypto coins.

Liquidity Mining is one of the biggest growth drivers of the DeFi sector, helping it skyrocket from a market cap of $500 million USD to over $10 billion in the year 2020. And it’s only scheduled to increase from here. On the Seascape Network, we have taken steps to gamify this process, to open it to aficionados and new entrants alike, with the first of 3 DeFi minigames scheduled to be launched in early 2021, The Profit Circus.

In the Profit Circus, users can stake their LP tokens to earn freshly minted Crowns, proportionate to the amount staked over a 2 month period. In order to join, users will first need to head over to Uniswap to purchase Crowns using Ether.

The Official Crowns smart contract address is: 0xac0104cca91d167873b8601d2e71eb3d4d8c33e0

For your own safety, please avoid any other addresses claiming to be $Crowns, CWS or to be in any way affiliated with the Seascape Network. We encourage users to check ANY posted Crowns address against those posted on our social media linked below, or exchange directly on our brand new official website.

With your newly acquired Crowns, it’s time to add to the liquidity pool of the CWS-ETH pair. You can do so by clicking on the Pool link in the top left of the page, then selecting the CWS token and the amount of liquidity you wish to add to the pool.

Afterward, return to the Profit Circus on the Seascape Website, either by launching the app, or looking under the products drop menu. Connect your wallet and let the earning begin!

Simply for joining, users will be rewarded with one free NFT on their first visit. Click the leftmost button the Profit Circus interface to deposit your desired amount of LP tokens. This amount will determine what amount of Crowns you will have access to claim.

Earned rewards can be claimed at any time or will be claimed automatically when you withdraw your liquidity. Another thing to pay attention to is the countdown timer seen on the start screen. This keeps track of the length of in-game events. Big spenders can look forward to handsome rewards at the end of each event.

You will see a gradually increasing number which represents the amount of Crowns able to be claimed at any given time. Click on the center button to claim. No matter what you put forth, you are guaranteed to win some amount of Crowns. What you win will be based on our APY rates. And we are focused on having good APY. This principle stretches across the Seascape platform. Click to claim. Repeat this step until you’ve used up your LP tokens. The longer you hold, the greater the pool will be.

Stay tuned for the more upcoming minigames and more chances for you to stake and earn while you play! Check our social media, website, and Medium often for more chances to win big!

Your game. Your rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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