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3 min readOct 4, 2021


Seascape is continuing to revolutionize DeFi gaming with a brand new project that will put more power into your hands than ever before. Prepare to support and promote the fresh new games you love, all while earning handsomely for your effort. As we recently noted, the Seascape Lighthouse is now up and ready for action!

The Lighthouse is a brand new IDO launchpad that allows users to support new games while still in their infancy. Your support will not only allow these games to reach a wide audience, shaping the future landscape of DeFi games, but you will also be rewarded financially for it. You can’t afford to miss out.

  • Learn about up and coming developers and their projects, new and innovative genres, as well as additional ways for you to play to earn.
  • Each project has its own associated token, backed by Crowns, which you can put to use in various DeFi mechanisms.
  • Gain higher tiers to allocate more funds to the projects you believe in.
  • Miss out on a Tier allocation? Take part in the project’s token auction pool to make sure you are a part of the action
  • Get Allotment NFTs from your investments which can be redeemed for the project’s token, burned in exchange for Crowns, or used to guarantee support for future projects

Stay tuned for more information about how you, too, can become an architect of the future, by investing in a new wave of DeFi games spurring on the play-to-earn revolution.

Lighthouse’s First Star: Moonscape

Register this month to become able to support its very first project! Moonscape is a fresh twist on resource management strategy games. Players explore a futuristic moon, enhancing their towns with DeFi features and receiving rewards for their time spent in-game. This online strategy city-builder will allow users to collect resources using DeFi mechanics, plunder rival cities, and work together with allies in the pursuit of Moon-domination and unending profits! Check out its introduction page for all its features, as well as to learn how you can be first in line to support its release!

This will be the very first game on Moonbeam, and bound to be a smash hit for the annals of blockchain history. Don’t miss your chance to support a fun, fleshed out strategy game with quality features that allows you to play to earn!

However, future projects will also be available for Ethereum as well as Binance Smart Chain. This is a cross-chain, user and developer-focused launchpad unlike any the internet has seen before. In addition, the more you interact with the Seascape ecosystem, the more you can allocate when the time comes. Head over to our game platform to start earning today.

The countdown begins today! The very first Tiered Allocation Event starts in just a few weeks! Get in on the action and be a part of history.

The future of DeFi gaming is today. Join the movement.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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