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Moonscape: Token Generation

The event you’ve all been waiting for is soon to arrive! The token generation for the MSCP token is gearing up for action on December 1, 2021 at 14:00 UTC. This is an enormous event whose importance we really can’t understate! Let’s go over how it’s going to work!

Get Your MSCP

Winners of the Lighthouse IDO will receive their MSCP tokens through airdrop directly to their wallets on December 1, 2021. Once you have MSCP, bear in mind that it will be bridgeable over on the Meter passport. MSCP will be available on both MOVR and BSC. Always be safe when trading, and make sure that your MSCP conforms to these two addresses.

MSCP MOVR address: 0x5c22ba65F65ADfFADFc0947382f2E7C286A0Fe45

MSCP BSC address: 0x27d72484f1910f5d0226afa4e03742c9cd2b297a

Trade MSCP on SeaDex and PancakeSwap. Get your hands on this token immediately! Not only does it have immediate staking and hodling options, but it will have important use in the upcoming Moonscape game.

Use Your MSCP

With this token, you’ve got a couple options, and they’re all mega attractive! Head over to the Lighthouse for two attractive staking options. There will be a single token staking farm, lasting 60 days, and issuing out 50k CWS in rewards. Additionally, there will also be an even more attractive LP token staking farm that you for sure do not want to miss out! Lasting 180 days, until 30 May, 2022, stake your MSCP-MOVR LP tokens for a hand at 50 million in MSCP in rewards! And that’s just the beginning!

The Future

The fun is just getting started. We are also hosting a sale of limited edition Moonscape NFTs! These are NFTs of cities that can be used to start your empire of domination and get in on the earnings! A total of 100, 20 for each quality will go on sale. You won’t want to miss out on this.

Participating in farms, especially LP farming, and hodling Moonscape NFTs has yet another awesome side effect. Moonscape, the upcoming resource management strategy DeFi game exclusively on Moonbeam, will soon go into Closed Beta. This Closed Beta will have actual opportunities to earn and will be open to those who are highly active in this early phase. This will include many of the options listed in this article, such as staking, farming, and purchasing Moonscape city NFTs. So get out there and stake, hodler, provide liquidity, and get NFTs! The more you get the more earning potential you will definitely have!

One important update to keep in mind is that we will no longer be issuing Allocation NFTs for the MSCP Token. While we intend to keep this NFT mechanism around in the future, we will not use it for the Moonscape project. Instead, we will be airdropping the amounts owed to the winners directly to their wallets.

The future of DeFi is today at Seascape and the Lighthouse. Get in on the action immediately. Don’t miss out!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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