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NFT Brawl is going back to the Moon on MOVR!

One of the top DeFi games known to enthusiasts, NFT Brawl is back with a second season on Moonriver. Once again, we are welcoming the world to come back and stake tokens in exchange for Scapes, Seascape’s original NFT series. As true financial objects, they can be traded and exchanged on DEXes like the Scape Store, as well as be put to use in other facets of the Seascape ecosystem.

Join us for the second season of this smash DeFi hit! As the first series of NFTs on Moonriver, you don’t want to miss your chance to get in on the play-to-earn game! Travel to the murky depths of the NFT Brawl lair, and put your MOVR-chain CWS to use, minting fresh, brand new Scapes!

Check here for a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can turn your Crowns into freshly minted Generation 1 Scapes! Compete for 30 days for 50 RIB in rewards! This amount includes 30 RIB in daily rewards and 20 RIB in seasonal rewards! Cooldown for this season will return to 30 minutes per minting, so please be prepared. Players will only be able to spend once per minting, so be careful when you choose the amount of Crowns you’d like to spend before your mint!

The future is on the moon!

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Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies! By allowing users to collateralize and earn from in-game assets, The Seascape Network is creating an ecosystem where the user and devs can profit from their favorite games!

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