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Off to the Moon with Moonscape City NFT Sale!

Avid followers of the Moonscape Dev Diaries are already well in the know about how cities work in the upcoming game! Cities are the core of your empire. Inside them, you will need to construct buildings which house the basic functions of the game, including City Defense, upgrading rovers and extractors, as well as all the accompanying DeFi features. Learn more about how each of the individual buildings work here.

For the upcoming Closed Beta version of Moonscape, you can get your hands on a Moonscape City NFT! Jumpstart your lunar colony with one of these pre-built cities, each containing specialised building configurations and development levels. Join Closed Beta testing for a chance to help development, finalize gameplay mechanics, and earn some sweet, sweet coin for your effort! There will be very handsome rewards in the mix, so you’ll want to be ready for the action!

Moonscape City NFT Sale on Moonbeam

Rev up your engines and start your rockets! Starting very soon, you can participate in this limited sale on the Scape Store. There you can buy and trade City NFTs which give access to some exciting features from an economic & strategic gameplay perspective.

Some pre-built city types you should look out for in the sale include:

Power Giant: City combo that includes an extra Power Plant structure , meaning you can operate extra resource gathering facilities on the moon.

Defense Maxi: City type that prioritises the defence matrix shield to guard against enemy attacks .

Balanced Builder: A more balanced city layout that keeps a general approach to exploration, defence and resource extraction.

Science Maxi: A city building layout that prioritises research in the “Industry Inc” and “Resource Corp” buildings.

What other city types lie in wait on the lunar landscape? Participate to find out more!

Pricing and Rarity

Like all other Seascape NFTs, Moonscape City NFTs will have quality levels ranging from Common to Legendary. These quality levels are determined by upgrade levels of the buildings within each city. The higher the level of the buildings, the higher the quality of the city.

Buildings and Power Levels

Each building in a city has upgradable levels, ranging from 1 to 10. Having higher building power levels in your city gives you two stellar advantages.

DeFi Power: Buildings that enable specific DeFi functions will increase the bonus earning of DeFi features. For example, staking tokens in a common City with a level 1 building will earn you *2% bonus, but a level *10 building would be *12% bonus. (*Note these percentages are TBC)

Strategic Gameplay Power: Second function of the building power levels is that the level is a cap to the building’s core feature. Example: if the core feature is moonrover skills, you can only increase the skills up to the building level.

Pre-constructed Cities power-levels guide:

“Common”: 5 buildings @ level 1

“Special”: 5 Buildings @ level 3

“Rare”: 5 Buildings level @ 5

“Epic”: 5 Buildings @ level 8

“Legendary”: 5 Buildings @ level 10 (max level)

There will be a series of limited sales for these NFTs. Don’t let the price tags spook you, these are going to be worth massive earnings! While it’s possible to level up and get Epic or Legendary cities on your own, this will take a long time of playing. Having these pre built cities will save time and earn big!

Sale 1: Legendary City Sale (5 NFTs)

  • 5 City NFTs per round
  • Price 1200000 MSCP each
  • One NFT per wallet for the sale
  • 1 Round of 6 hours
  • Tier 3 minimum requirement

Sale 2: Epic City Sale (10 NFTs)

  • 10 City NFTs per round
  • Price 600000 MSCP each
  • One NFT per wallet for the sale
  • 1 Round of 6 hours
  • Tier 2 minimum requirement

Sale 3: Rare City Sale (20 NFTs)

  • 10 City NFTs per round
  • 200000 MSCP starting price with an increment of 100000 MSCP ending at 300000 MSCP
  • One NFT per wallet for the sale
  • 2 Hours per round, 2 Rounds, total sale time 4 hours
  • Tier 1 minimum requirement

Sale 4: Special City Sale (40 NFTs)

  • 10 City NFT per round
  • 60000 MSCP starting price with increments of 30000 MSCP ending at 150000 MSCP
  • One NFT per wallet for the sale
  • 2 Hours per round, 4 Rounds, total sale time 8 hours
  • Tier 0 minimum requirement

Sale 5: Common City Sale (80 NFTs)

  • 10 City NFTs per round
  • 20000 MSCP starting price with increments of 10000 MSCP ending at 90000 MSCP
  • One NFT per wallet for the sale
  • 2 Hours per round, 8 Rounds, total sale time 16 hours
  • No tier requirement

Are you ready to blast off into space like you never have before? It is time to herald in the stage in the evolution of Gamefi, soaring to heights until now unreached. Will you rise to the challenge?

Your Game, Your Rules

Enjoy the Seascape

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Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies! By allowing users to collateralize and earn from in-game assets, The Seascape Network is creating an ecosystem where the user and devs can profit from their favorite games!

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Seascape Network

Seascape Network

Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies!

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