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PancakeSwap MSCP Trading Campaign

As the brilliant light shines forth in the wake of the first successful IDO launch, fans from across the Cryptosphere are reeling with excitement. The MSCP token, official token of the coming resource management strategy game Moonscape, is out in the world earning for its hodlers. Available, for both BSC and MOVR, users can get their BSC chain MSCP tokens today on PancakeSwap! And starting today, you’ve got a brand new way to a very, very special reward!

For this contest, you can participate for a chance to win your very own Moonscape City NFT! These highly unique NFTs are yet to go on sale for minting, and to promote both their launch and MSCP on BSC chain, we want to put them in the hands of our most loyal fans!

With a City NFT, you will get your own city with 5 randomized buildings, capable of helping you on your quest to moon dominance. These buildings have two functions: one to help with city maintenance in game, and one for DeFi earnings. While each one is extremely valuable in their own right, the variance in quality assures that higher quality cities will have a much higher earning power, giving you a huge leg up on your quest to dominate the Moon! You do not want to miss out on this opportunity!

How to Participate in the Raffle:

From Tuesday December 7 to Tuesday December 21 (two weeks) get out there and trade, trade, trade! First, we will hold a raffle, in which the winners will be selected randomly based on participation. We will select two winners, each of which will receive one Common City NFT!

How to Become a Top Trader

Top traders have a special class of rewards all on their own. Top traders will have their total transactions, buys & sells, measured and on December 21 the top 3 in volume will be announced.

  • 1st place — Epic City NFT
  • 2nd place — Rare City NFT
  • 3rd place — Special City NFT

We can’t wait to see much you can trade! Stay tuned for more information on related events with our old friends at PancakeSwap! Seascape has the greatest fans in the Cryptosphere so we know we won’t be disappointed! Get out there and show us what you’re worth!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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