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Profit Circus Season 3: The Third Act

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen to the greatest show on earth! Seascape Network’s premiere attraction steps back into the ring for yet another encore, tweaked hither and thither, ready and waiting for fans and newbies alike to feel the magic! Welcome back to the Profit Circus!

If this isn’t your first show, then you’re likely familiar with how the game works. Check out this detailed guide for step by step information on how you can get in on the action.

But as all great acts do, this one has come with a few changes to shake things up a bit! Just as before, you can get a free NFT for playing, both new players and old, just by staking at least 1 LP for 24 hours! Both the ETH and BSC versions will last 30 days, starting on August 16th at 7am UTC. The Ethereum version will use SushiSwap LP tokens. Meanwhile, the BSC version will be using PancakeSwap LP tokens. The total prizes available will be 60k CWS in rewards for players through staking.

Another important update is that All Season 3 Scapes will be Generation 2! And just like in the leap from Gen 0 to Gen 1, the power of these Scapes will be half that of the previous generation. This will be true for other Season 3 games as well, so proceed wisely.

The circus is back in town, and with it come profits for one and all! With Seascape, it’s showtime anytime! Come get yours today!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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