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Putting Crowns on the Throne in 2022

Seascape is returning to the fundamentals in 2022, and building up excitement for the Crowns ($CWS) token. For the uninitiated, Crowns are the pillar of the Seascape Network, acting as the central token buttressing the economic base of the platform. For the brand new year, there are some exciting projects on the horizon that are sure to make hodlers happy.

Three brand new IDO gaming projects are confirmed. Therefore, there will be a number of new tokens and NFTs that will become available, all of which with their own mini ecosystems and discrete usages. And these tokens will be backed by Crowns! This will have two important purposes. First, it will provide security for any token, as they can always be redeemed for Crowns. This functions as a sort of security for the project, ensuring that funds will always have Crowns as their guarantor. Second, the growing number of projects will ensure that the number of Crowns hodlers will continue to increase, improving the value of the token overall. This is a huge win for all in the Seascape ecosystem, irrespective of which projects — if any — a given user chooses to support. This will also allow for Token burning of the CWS coin, which will reduce the amount in circulation, thereby increasing its value for hodlers. The more projects you support, the more opportunities you will have to earn! So get out there and claim your Lighthouse Tiers and pack your $CWS bags!

We are proud to announce and confirm we will be doing 3 premium new #P2E titles in Q1 2022 which is great news for $CWS holders because it means even more token burn events as we fuel the new game ecosystems.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! The long-awaited Zombie Farm is looming very closely on the horizon. Make sure you hop over to the Scape Store soon to start trading. These limited edition Scapes are one of the various avenues that users can explore in the coming weeks with brand new Play to Earn games, with extra complexity and ways to earn! Crowns are the foundation upon which these games function, so stuffing your coffers is a must for users who are ready for the Gamefi Revolution.

As many users are aware, we are undergoing a huge Riverboat NFT sale. As excellently as it has gone, it’s all in preparation for even more outstanding NFT sales. Look forward to new limited edition series that you will need CWS and RIB to get your hands on. These new NFTs will have many uses as financial objects, as well as in enhacing all forms of play throughout the platform. Look out for Moonscape in Closed Beta, and an accompanying sell of city NFTs. These will allow users to get a jump start on all the earning potential this next gen DeFi game will offer, on top of offering valuable feedback which will shape the game’s future.

We are working with UX & UI Specialists to help revamp Seascape to create the 2.0 version of the platform. This is a brand new opportunity for people to use our games, guides, DEX, and NFT marketplace. This makes for a better synergy between us and the community. We are already inaugurating several features, such as multilingual available, and our brand new Dev blog for Moonscape! We have, in addition, more interactivity on the horizon with opportunities for users to collaborate on their earnings. Stay tuned to social media for further details.

This year is a huge and important step in the evolution of Seascape, and indeed, DeFi gaming more broadly. Users who want to take the true power of DeFi into their own hands will now have a new and powerful way of doing so.

Get CWS here:

MOVR — SeaDex (

BSC — PancakeSwap ( )

ETH — Sushiswap ( )

For more places to get Crowns, check out our CWS acquisition breakdown on Zendesk ( )

The future of DeFi gaming is today. Join the movement.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies! By allowing users to collateralize and earn from in-game assets, The Seascape Network is creating an ecosystem where the user and devs can profit from their favorite games!

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Seascape Network

Seascape Network

Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies!

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