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JRR Crypto Partners with Seascape Network

Seascape Network took yet another step forward in December 2020, as JRR Crypto announced its support for the growing company.

JRR Crypto, headquartered in Switzerland, is a leading global group of experts engaged in blockchain and cryptocurrency. As implied by their trademark saying Next Generation Innovation, the organization brings asset management, investment, digital banking, and trading into the DeFi sphere. As popularity and need spreads across all sectors of the globe, decentralized finance continues to reach new audiences. This strategic partnership bodes well for those eager for the next stage in the evolution of gaming. Seascape Network is developing a platform that will allow users frictionless access to DeFi as yet unavailable in the world of gaming.

Seascape Network has become one of the latest additions to the expanding circle of blockchain projects which have received JRR’s support. JRR has already invested in more than 50 projects in the blockchain industry, including legends like Binance, Bee Computing, Certik, Quarkhain, EOS and many more. This collaboration signifies the growing trust and support Seascape has received from industry giants, and strengthens its march toward a stable and profitable future. The Seascape Network is powered by the CROWNS token, which will incentivize users who play games, stake LP tokens, and contribute to the network. Stay tuned into the Seascape community for updates on community incentives.

JRR is a Fintech group focused exclusively on disruptive innovations related to the traditional industry, which is the bridge connecting real world and digital assets. Headquartered in Switzerland with branches in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei, the business scope of JRR covers all across equity investing, digital banking, trading and market making, with AUM of over $2 billion.

Seascape is a game platform designed around the NFT and DeFi economies. Built on Substrate, the platform will incentivize users to buy, trade, stake and mine NFTs while playing their favorite games. Seascape is developed by the team behind the award-winning BLOCKLORDS, a blockchain strategy game which has launched successfully on all major DAPP protocols and onboarded thousands of users.









Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies! By allowing users to collateralize and earn from in-game assets, The Seascape Network is creating an ecosystem where the user and devs can profit from their favorite games!

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