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SatoshiClub AMA Recap!

We just had a killer AMA with our friends over at Satoshi Club and we got some of the best questions we’ve seen so far. The news was simply too great to keep to ourselves, so below you’ll find some of the best questions and answers that we had during the AMA that will hopefully whet your appetites for all the goodies Seascape has in store coming up soon!

Future Sneak Peak

Seascape CEO David Johansson: “I’d say the most important and secret news is the gaming-focused launchpad that we are working on these days. As getting new games to Seascape is a top priority, we are designing a system that will allow our loyal users to get first dibs on new tokenized game projects. These IDO’s will help fund new great game projects that will take defi gaming to the next level. We are introducing this via our Player-Created-Coin system, or PCC, which is quite innovative. All new Seascape IDO tokens will be backed by CWS, meaning if the new project were to fail, the player would still be able to exchange the new token for the backed CWS. This will create a more stable launchpad system with a clear goal, delivering excellent DeFi games for our users, and making loyal Seascape fans early investors in a ton of new projects that benefit the network. It’s still in the design phase, so still a few months away. But we’re doing our best to bring it to our users fast and have already picked out a couple of projects to begin this process with.

Highlight Questions:

1. How important is Seascape’s partnership with Moonbeam?

We will be one of the first teams to deploy a defi product on Moonbeam. They are giving us great support, both with technical support and also via our grant. We are committed to redistributing this grant to our user, so playing our game will actually be one of the best ways to earn Moonbeam tokens after it launches. So I strongly suggest you guys get involved in seascape if you want to get on that train.

2. Any game released on Seascape has the optional feature of creating their own blockchain with its own set of rules. So how customizable would those blockchains be, and how much experience would be required to be a developer in Seascape?

“Each blockchain has a unique set of limitations regarding usability, scalability and fees. While the first version of Seascape is more focused on delivering a cross-chain experience across ETH, BSC, and Polkadot, we do not think that is quite flexible enough to attract some of the largest game developers and publishers in the industry. So over the long term, our aim is to create customizable chains, where the game devs can mint their own platform native coin, set fees, nodes, validators, and governance designed entirely around each game. This will all be backed and funded with CWS of course.”

3. Every player who owns Crowns will receive a “PayWave” drop. How does the supply of PayWave depend on the spending of tokens in the ecosystem? How does this mechanism work in relation to the amount of tokens spent?

“Tokens are used in some of our games like NFT BRawl, and instead of being burnt these tokens are locked away in a smart contract effectively reducing the circulating supply instead of having to burn them. These tokens would then later on be redistributed back to the community as a form of incentive for interacting with the ecosystem. Hodlers of CWS would receive the tokens for simply continuing on hodl. As we release more and more games the amount of tokens spent would add to the pool and more would be given back to the community.”

4. As a Crowns investor, where can we make leverage trades and where can we stake tokens for the highest APY? Could you please share the details for farming with CWS and pCWS tokens and the details of pools of your partners with Crowns token pools?

“Right now we have farms in uniswap for ETH and BakerySwap and PancakeSwap for BSC, we also have added vaults made in and Autofarm for the juiciest APYs. Autofarm automatically reinvests your cake and bake earnings into new LP tokens, which compounds your deposits and grows your earning power every day. It’s slow at the start, but the growth is exponential if you give it a few months or a year. As for leverage trading we partnered with WOWSwap to give you leverage trading up to 5X. With Pancake V2 up they have to reformat the smart contracts but it should be back up in a week or two and we’ll hold a trading competition over there as soon as it’s live.”

And there you have it, folks, the top questions from our most recent AMA. There’s some very good information in here that you should be paying attention to! And stay tuned for more, right here on Seascape Network!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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