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You can’t move very far in crypto spaces without running into the idea of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Ever since the explosion of Cryptokitties onto the scene in 2017, their ability to capture the imagination — and wallets — of crypto lovers has been thoroughly confirmed.

As many are already aware, NFTs are defined by their uniqueness, indestructibility, and verifiability, among other traits. This means that they are always able to be traced back to their origin on smart contracts, operate within a specific ecosystem, and exist permanently. For these reasons, to date they’ve acted largely as digital analogues of collector’s items, serving functions as diverse as Decentraland’s virtual real estate, to theme park rides in The Sandbox, or digital paintings on Hashmask. We’ve written a bit more about how NFTs work, but effectively, they are typically collected, bought, sold and traded, which has proved extraordinarily profitable in some cases. (Right now, the most expensive NFT in the world is a CryptoKitty worth over $1 million USD.) But all of that is about to change.

Enter Seascape.

Young darling of the DeFi world, the Seascape Network aims to take NFTs to the next level, beyond the traditional functions associated with collector’s items, with its approach to the non-fungible crypto world, Scapes. However, in order to understand how they differ from traditional NFTs, let’s first see how they are similar.

Scapes can be gotten, as of February 2021, in one of two ways: from the Seascape Network official platform’s DeFi games, or acquired on Opensea. Once you’ve got your MetaMask wallet set up, and have sufficient ETH at your disposal, you can participate in auctions and direct purchases, trades and sales.

All Scapes have a name and personality, reflected in the character description on Opensea. They also have a quality which pertains to their rarity, which affects their worth on the market.

Pleasure to meet you, darlin’! I’m Trixie. Well don’t just stand there. These profits ain’t gonna make themselves.

Scapes can serve functions similar to traditional NFTs, and make great collector’s items. With their topnotch art and graphics as well as quirky humor, they take on a life of their own. What makes them special is that aside from this, they have the ability to function as actual finance assets. Seascape’s approach to making NFTs a truly vital part of the DeFi economy is to ensure that they generate profit for their holders.

Mint new Scapes in Seascape DeFi games, and stake them for increasing rewards. Future generations of Scapes can be collateralized to take out debt, or rented out for variable rates. All this in addition to their creation and usage within games designed for the network. Scapes can be collected and leveled up, lent out and accrue interest.

The future of NFTs is right here on the Seascape Network. Experience the true power of DeFi like no platform has ever seen before. Join the first of Seascapes DeFi games The Profit Circus and get a free NFT today!

Your game. Your rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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