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Seascape aims to refine your NFT experience along with Refinable!

Those of you out there with refined tastes, might already be familiar with Refinable, the NFT marketplace that’s starting to make some big waves. What sets them apart is their aim to be the definitive platform to create, discover, trade, and leverage any digital content on the blockchain. Seascape is teaming up to bring Scapes to the Refinable platform. Refinable’s fast, cost-effective and simple-to-use NFT platform jives well with Seascape’s aspirations in the NFT space, so together we will be rocking the house to bring more NFT action to a wallet near you!

Users will be able to easily list, buy, sell, and exchange gaming NFTs on the Refinable platform. But if that doesn’t cater to the most refined among you, peep this: We will be releasing a series of special NFTs to celebrate the new partnership. This new NFT will not technically be a Scape, but rather something altogether new! And trust us, he’s pretty dang cool. Introducing: The Taurus of Scapes, unleashing his fury in a crypto wallet near you!

Keep an eye on Seascape and Refinable’s social media for more info on how you can get your hands on this new NFT very soon! These brand new NFTs will have a special staking opportunities on the Seascape platform in the future, so get them while they’re hot! And keep looking out for any new future developments from this partnership!

About Refinable

Invested by Binance and Mr. Beast, Refinable is the first major NFT marketplace on BSC, empowering both individual creators and beloved brands to easily and affordably create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs. Supporting all communities who are engaging with NFTs is Refinable’s mission, we look forward to empowering the next generation of digital transactions.

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Seascape is an incentivized ecosystem consisting of gamers, developers, and influencers. Seascape’s mission is to redirect the goals of gamification inwards, so that people who love games — making, playing, or promoting them — are incentivized financially for their effort.

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Enjoy the Seascape.

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