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Seascape AMA Recap December 2020!

Getting to the Nitty Gritty!

Seascape Network is ending the year with a short series of AMAs spread out throughout December. As always,they were great successes, and for that we’re very grateful to all our fans and those who are taking their first peaks at our up and coming platform. We decided to take the top ten questions from those AMAs to compile here for your viewing pleasure!

Top Questions

  1. What are the major milestones to look forward to in 2021?

The first step of our launch will be to release the Seascape game platform, which will of course host our core strategy game, BLOCKLORDS, but also 3 brand new DeFi mini-games which will provide great opportunities for our users to earn. This will all be released on the Ethereum mainnet as while transaction fees are high, most of the value is still there for our users to grab.

2. How does the team profit from the project in order to maintain it cost wise and what is its revenue model?

As long as the platform grows, it will direct more and more new users to the site, where we can generate profit directly from participation our games. Additionally, when devs use our SDK, we will also receive small, indirect profit. Our aim is to avoid much of the predatory behavior that springs up in communities that involve financial risk. We want sustainability and actual profit for our users, so our model has to be based on such principles.

3. What is the Player Created Coin (PCC) and what exactly is its role within BLOCKLORDS? What advantages does it bring to the users of the game?

Player-Created-Coins will be a way for users and game developers to create their own in-game currencies that can then be distributed to players or allies within contained ecosystems. Working in a similar way as MakerDAO and the DAI stablecoin, each PCC will be backed by Crowns, and redeemable at any time, but will also grant community members the freedom to create a coin with their own supply amount that can be used in various purposes.

4. What characteristics and features makes Seascape’s minting and trading system different from other gaming DeFi platforms?

What we’ve done is creating a firm balancing act that will assure that both NFTs and Crowns exist in equilibrium. We balance the value in creation and burning of NFTs, as well as in minting and spending Crowns. When NFTs are claimed, they are burned, and when they are created, they require Crowns. The economy grows through additional users engaging in the economy, rather than unstable inflation inducing practices, as seen on some other well known platforms.

5. STAKING is a very popular topic recently. What is Seascape’s staking plan and its benefits?

Liquidity pools are a great innovation in this regard, because they stabilize the supply and price of the token. Another important addition are our Player-Created Coins PCC (which are in fact, CDPs — collateralized debt protocols). Players can look forward to liquidity mining and NFT staking, and can decide if they want active income, passive income, or both.

6. Concretely, how can players earn money? Only through staking?

There are actually several different ways. Let’s examine them quickly. a. Play BLOCKLORDS ( now, after token launch, we will find a way to reward our loyal players. b. Play DeFi Games after Seascape Network launch, join the liquidity pool and stake your LP tokens to get Crowns rewards c. Earn Seascape NFTs from our games and stake them to get a great CWS bonus. d. Trade your NFT outside (opensea) to get direct profit.

7. How many wallets can support Crowns? And do you have any plan to build your own wallet?

Any ethereum-based wallet will be able to support Crowns at launch since it will be an ERC-20 token. Next year, as we migrate the platform to the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem, holders will be able to migrate their tokens over to that standard if they wish. At that point any Substrate-friendly wallet will work.

8. Do you plan to build partnerships with local cryptocurrency developers and local projects in each country to make the use of the token more global?

Having worked on and published a multitude of games across the world, we have a lot of experience working closely with game publishers from every region to ensure successful launches. This is something that is necessary in games, and we believe it will be crucial to the success of Seascape as well. This is why Seascape and all games will be localized into 7 different languages at launch, and we plan to increase that very quickly. This will help us reach more users, and also work with more marketing and cryptocurrency partners across the world to reach more targeted audiences.

9. How efficient and secure is your smart contract? Have you ever been audited through external parties?

We are working with some of the top auditing firms in the world to ensure the security of all of our smart contracts, as well as making sure that all of our customer data is kept safe from any prying eyes. We have successfully launched several blockchain games and smart contracts without any issues as well, so our track record speaks for itself. One fun note is that Certik, one of our auditors, mentioned that the level of quality in our smart contract development is some of the highest they have ever seen, which is why they have decided to highlight us on their website under some good development practices for smart contracts. You can rest assured that our dapps can be used safely and that funds will be protected.

We love participating in these AMAs, meeting with fans and interested parties, and keeping up with the hype. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and stay tuned and we look forward to a rocking 2021!









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