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Seascape AMA Recap with Crypto Galaxy!

Getting to the Nitty Gritty Part 5!

Seascape is coming at you with another AMA on this nonstop information train. This time, we had the pleasure of partnering with our friends over at Crypto Galaxy. The information here is short and sweet, hitting a few missed spots in previous AMAs. Check out the information below and see if there’s anything we missed. And visit our medium page to see the rest of our AMA information!

How does Seaspace Network Protocol look at usability issues and scaling issues when you evaluate the goals and vision of the protocol? Why is your ecosystem important for blockchain technology?

Usability and scaling are very important in our point of view and that’s also why we chose to build Polkadot as our long term goal, actually. This way players on the Seascape chain can get assets, such as NFTs or Crowns. Through Polkadot, they can transfer back to ethereum, for instance, to exchange it for its value in ETH. Likewise, we are developing an SDK that will allow blockchain technology to become unified and entirely backend, bringing blockchain technology to a much wider audience. This has the potential to be a real gamer changer.

The game industry is huge, but if you search on the blockchain ecosystem, there are not many options. In fact, lots of the so-called ‘blockchain games’ are just scam projects out to harm users. I think this is why the Seascape ecosystem will be important for blockchain, because we can develop and publish real, good quality games, getting more and more worldwide players/users to get hand on NFTs, DeFI, and learn to use blockchain tech in an incentivized way.

What benefits will building on Polkadot offer players and users of Seascape platform?

The fact is that Ethereum is the only smart contract chain that currently has enough value to make a DeFi product sustainable. This is why we insist on launching Seascape on Ethereum first, because it is where all the value is locked up, a value that we want our users to be connected with when they trade their assets on exchanges such as Uniswap and Opensea. As for Polkadot, we have some specific ideas for how we want to develop there. We will begin our transition to Substrate in 2021. It will begin with a new random number generator developed on Substrate, which will offer a unique decentralized product for other dapp developers in the polkadot ecosystem. A variety of polkadot para chains will be used to connect to the viaduct, linking Seascape with the outside world. It’s an important part of our infrastructure in the years ahead.

How does the Seaspace Network protocol provide solutions to usability problems and scaling challenges, and how do they offer solutions to the development of blockchain technology?

Our team is very focused on usability. That’s one of the major issues Seascape was created to solve with respect to DeFi. We have a 3-Phase plan to build the economy and onboard new players over the course of Seascape’s Development. We’ve written about it elsewhere, and we will definitely go into more details as the plan develops, but in a nutshell, as the platform develops, most of the relatively novel aspects of DeFi will gradually become invisible to the end user. We want the user to be focused on the experience, on enjoyment, and have a low barrier to entry. These are still early days of course, and right now the focus is more on making economy stable and developing games that are enjoyable. Right now, DeFi games are more DeFi than they are games, and we are looking to make DeFi accessible to gamers without prior deep knowledge of all things crypto.

What is the staking mechanism and how will it work with regards to inflation? How can you deal with security and Scalability?

Users will be able to stake CWS-ETH LP tokens right after our token launch via the 1st DeFi game to get CWS rewards. More staking mechanisms will be released later, such as NFT staking and CWS staking.

We are very serious about smart contracts security issues and we are already asking the well-known auditing team CertiK to audit our contracts (both token and games). After the audit is completed, we will also publish the audit report in the community and website. In the future, we will also work with more partners (including CertiK) to maintain code security in our ecosystem.

For Scalability, our strategy is that players don’t need to have prior knowledge about blockchain; they can simply register and play. This way we will get normal players inside of the game first. Then we reward and educate players with events and crypto rewards, teach them things about wallet, crypto, blockchain tech, etc. A good example is the last event we worked with MakerDao in BLOCKLORDS. Every player who created a wallet (Metamaks) and linked with the game will get 25 $DAI reward. Turns out we got more than 500 players to do it and 30% of them did this for the first time. In this way, we intend to encourage more and more brand new players to enter our ecosystem.

What is your long-term vision about the industry which Seaspace Network is working at? Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology that can replace Seaspace Network?

Our long term vision is fairly expansive, but I suppose it’s fair to say that we’d like to bring the potential benefits of DeFi to a wider audience, namely anyone who loves great games. Since we come from a background of both gaming and blockchain, we want to unite those two disparate ideas into something greater than the sum of its parts and allow our users to gain from their time on our platform. To speak a bit immodestly perhaps, we’re not terribly concerned at present about sharing this space with others. Right now the infrastructure is young and we need lots of other devs in the community working in tandem, occupying different aspects to build this whole DeFi space into something right now we can only dream about.

As for others with our same vision, attempting to pursue the same goal, it’s something that requires such a specific skill set and background that we think it really fits us specifically like a glove. This is part of the beauty of entering a space so nascent, everyone can find their specific niche and develop it, and that’s what we aim to do going forward.

The questions keep getting better and better and more specific. We love getting these questions from you as it helps us to know what’s important for you as well as helps direct us better into the future. Stay tuned as we answer more of your questions and produce more great content for you right here at the Seascape Network!







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