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Seascape November AMA #2

Getting to the Nitty Gritty Part 2!

Seascape Network has completed two of the three AMAs it has scheduled for November, this time with the legendary and ever-faithful CryptoDaku. As anticipated, it was a great success, and for that we’re very grateful to all our fans and those who are taking their first peaks at our up and coming platform. Below you’ll find new questions that were not answered in the first AMA, along with their answers. We hope you have as much fun learning about the platform as we have creating it!

  1. Will the games be integrated into DeFi? Will there be modern elements of farming, staking and lending couched within the gameplay?
  2. What, in your opinion, separates Seascape from other games?
  3. In what way will Seascape be unique and competitive in this niche?
  4. Who are you partnering with to help achieve your goals?
  5. What are your short term objectives?
  6. Do you plan to build any extensions in the future? What about for developers?
  7. In the process of going from startup to mainstream, do you anticipate other startups will try to compete with your model?
  8. Crypto projects were closed in many countries due to improper regulation and licenses. What is your response?

Our first game is BLOCKLORDS, which we’ve been working on for 2 years. It was the world’s first blockchain strategy game. Since then, we’ve received funding and grants from many major blockchain institutions and protocols, and we are ready to take the next step on our journey by developing the Seascape Network, a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies!

When we launch the Crowns (CWS) token and Seascape Network platform in December, we will release 3 DeFi mini games immediately to incentivize users to play and earn CWS and Seascape NFTs rewards.

Players can look forward to LP mining, NFT Minting, NFT Staking, In-game CDPs, and in-game recharge. We will have more in-depth write ups on how these work in the coming weeks.

In a nutshell, users can participate in Game #1 LP Mining by deposit Uniswap CWS-ETH LP tokens to consistently earn CWS rewards, and participating users can also earn a Seascape NFT bonus. In Game #2 NFT Minting, players can spend CWS to mint random quality Seascape NFTs. In the leaderboard, players can compete for more CWS bonuses. All the Seascape NFTs can be used in Game #3 to stake and mine Crowns with an attractive APY. However, there is a consequence, staked NFTs will be burned when players claim the Crowns rewards. In other games, we will also implement CWS as an in-game recharge method and make it become the economic core of gameplay.

I think the biggest difference between us and other platforms is that our team is coming from top traditional game development companies, as opposed to fintech alone. Consequently, we’re very focused on the quality of our products as games and constantly shipping new ones. As we release more of our own games and gain market success, we will leverage our relationships in the gaming industry to attract more regular game developers and studios to join our platform and use our SDK to release more diverse blockchain games.

That said, we will continue to bring a variety of game scenarios to Crowns and Seascape NFTs, as well as apply DeFi’s gamification to the platform’s game offerings, allowing players and developers to reap the benefits of the digital economy with us.

Again, our team is very good at producing high quality and fun games, whether they are casual or hard-core games. One of the major problems in the current NFT market is that there are no good scenarios for NFTs, and the Seascape team will continue to create new games and ensure that our NFTs are imbedded within engaging scenarios, and that they are distinguished by their rarity according to generation, quality, and other attributes.

For example, after the launch of our platform, we will release Generation 0 Seascape NFTs, which will be available to players by participating in our DeFi mini-games. After that, we will launch an NFT Staking mini-game, where players can stake their NFTs to get CWS rewards, and different NFT alignments will get different levels of bonuses, and every time a player goes to claim the CWS rewards, the staked NFT will be burned. This means that the more players participate, the rarer these Gen 0 NFTs will be, and the more valuable they will be in the market.

We’ve partnered with some great people, including influencers, institutions, and other blockchain companies to spread the word about what we are currently building.

During the two years we’ve been working on our flagship game, BLOCKLORDS, we’ve built relationships with some of the top teams and companies in the industry, including Chainlink, MakerDao, NEO, TRON, and Cocos-BCX, to name a few. We also gained attention quickly after we announced the Seascape Network and Crowns. We’ve received investment and incubation from LD Capital, KAPA fund etc. Also, we have a good relationship with blockchain media such as DappRadar, DappReview, AltCoinBuzz and others. We believe we will create some great things together with our partners.

In the short term, we aim for the following three things.

First is marketing & outreach; we want to let people know about Seascape Network, and to promote our products and ideas to everyone, hoping that more people will follow and join us before our token launch.

Second is that we are working hard to prepare our token launch, currently we are aiming to launch Crowns (CWS) on Uniswap first in December, and the token contract is already being audited.

Third, we are going to open the Seascape Network platform website, and after the token goes live, we will launch our DeFi games. LP mining will be the focus of our first DeFi game, where players can deposit Uniswap CWS-ETH LP tokens and earn premium CWS rewards! All players who participate in the game will also receive a Seascape NFT as an additional bonus, which can be used for other games in the future.

Game designers and developers are highly encouraged to join our platform. In the short term, we can help devs implement $CWS payment method into their games and grow users and revenue together with us. Next year, we will provide DeFi gameplay SDK, so devs can easily use it to add DeFi gameplay into their game.

If you are a game dev and want to join us, please do not hesitate to email us: and we will be back to you ASAP.

We would love to see more startups and studios compete in the blockchain gaming industry, because the participation of more teams proves the viability of the business logic. Just like the CryptoKitties demonstrated at the end of 2018, Seascape Network hopes to lead a new ‘play to earn’ trend by combining blockchain technology with the DeFi economy through quality products that can match the gaming market.

Of course, we want players across the world to enjoy Seascape games and services without hindrance, but we also have to respect and comply with different local laws and cultural practices. So if, for policy reasons, users in certain countries may not be able to enjoy all content after the launch of the platform, our team would like to ask for your understanding and patience.

Here we have an abbreviated reproduction of our second November 2020 AMA. We look forward to the last one and many more in the future. Not only do these help us get information to our players, but it helps us create our platform in a way that is clear, transparent, and helpful, allowing us to grow in the direction that our players most need. Stay tuned for further information!







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