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Seascape Talk #1 Highlights

We just launched our brand new series of in-house AMAs to keep YOU up to date on all the goings on right here on Seascape Network. For this kick off session, we focused on our latest game, which revolves around NFT staking, Staking Saloon. We got some really great questions from all around the world and we’d like to share some of the best with the rest of the Seascape Cryptoverse.

Right now we are encouraging everyone to go trade on OpenSea (ETH) or Treasureland (BSC). Good news is we are also working on our own NFT Library and Marketplace. It will be a multi-chain login, focused on Scape NFTs Library and Marketplace. Much more user friendly and easy to explore.

2. Are NFTs automatically burned if rewards are not claimed before the session ends?

No, Scapes won’t be automatically burned before or after the session ends. They are burned once you click on the CLAIM or CLAIM ALL button. After the CLAIM transaction, the NFTs will be burned. But of course, if the session ends, staked NFTs will stop getting rewards.

3. Can I save my nfts and use them next season?

Yes, of course you can. And remember. Gen-0 NFTs are powerful and after NFT Brawl S1 ends, there is no way to get them (ETH version NFT Brawl still ongoing, so go mint some before it’s too late). Also some NFTs like Tatters are limited edition and hence very rare despite their common quality so we encourage you to keep them.

4. Why is metamask the preferred wallet for the game?

When we develop our game, we build and test the game based on Metamask, so we will make sure Metamask works perfectly. Metamask is the most used DAPP wallet in the world and still growing and leading. Other wallets work too so you could use them, but we cannot make sure that it could always be the case so the only wallet we officially support is metamask. If you need help setting it up or transferring your keys from another wallet to metamask feel free to ask here.”

5. Is there documentation or information available for those with blockchain development experience to build community tools or apps?

Yeah, We are currently improving the development documentation on our site (also the github). Really happy that you want to build things on top of Scapes. If you have good ideas we can put our devs in contact with you and provide what you need.

Keep an eye on these links, we are updating. Will have more and more details on it.”

Stay tuned for future updates from Seaside Talks, our regular AMAs. We’ll have a lot more where that’s from in the future! Right here on Seascape Network!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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