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Seascape + Wault Finance, Let the Earning Begin!

Seascape is proud to announce that we’ve just gotten the keys to the Wault and we are inviting everyone to come join us! For those out there who are unfamiliar, Wault is the decentralised finance project that aims to connect all the DeFi dots into one coherent ecosystem. They are working to create a user-friendly yield generator and lending aggregator that users can read more about here.

Seascape will be listed for trade on their platform. But that’s not all. Seascape and Wault are teaming up to bring you a Pool and Farm with some of the sweetest rewards this side of the Cryptosphere. On June 21st, we will open a pool in which users can stake WEX to get pCWS over the course of two months. $100k worth of pCWS will be available to stakers while the pool is open. Meanwhile, we will open a pCWS/BNB farm in which reward users can take those freshly minted LP tokens and earn a whopping $9k in WEX rewards every day for three months. With rewards this sweet, you cannot afford to miss out! Get out there and start yielding those rewards immediately!

Your Game, Your Rules

Enjoy the Seascape

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