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Seascape x Dego Beach Party Mining Guide

Grab your beach blanket and get ready for some fun in the crypto sun, because Seascape and Dego are bringing you their first ever NFT Beach Party mining event! In this event, users can get their hands on specialty Seascape x Dego NFTs and rake in pCWS rewards! The Seascape Network aims to take NFTs to the next level, beyond the traditional functions associated with collector’s items. This is a goal that Dego shares, as they aim to revamp the purpose and utility of NFTs through an array of fun and clever applications. Starting today, March 17th, at 18:00 HKT (10am UTC) users can take part in their first joint mining event!

The Rules:

  • Mining Rewards:1,000 pCWS
  • Starting time:March 17th, 2021 18:00 HKT (10am UTC) for casting NFTs 20:00 HKT (12pm UTC) for NFT mining
  • Mining period:15 Days
  • Ending time: April 1st, 2021 20:00 HKT (12pm UTC)
  • Withdrawal Conditions:10% off mining rewards if the rewards are withdrawn within 3 days
  • **Only Seascape-Dego NFTs minted are supported**

How to Play

First of all, make sure that you’ve got some pCWS in your wallet, the official bridged tokens of the Seascape Network for Binance Smart Chain. You can get them directly from PancakeSwap and BakerySwap. Now let’s get started!

Step One: First, make a beeline to the Dego Foundry on their homepage. Once there select your preferred wallet to get started. For example purposes, we have chosen our personal favorite, Metamask.

Step Two: Cast an original Seascape-Dego NFT using your pCWS. Click on the embossed Seascape icon and make sure to approve your currency to proceed.

Step Three: Enter the par value of pCWS to cast your specialty NFT and then click Casting NFT.

Step Four: Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of your own Seascape-Dego NFT!

How to Participate in the Beach Party Pool

Step One: Go back to the Dego homepage and this time click on Gego, then Mining.

Step Two: Find and click the Beach Party Pool.

Step Three: Select your NFT and click Approve to stake for pCWS rewards!

Step Four: Click staking to earning rewards.

Step Five: When ready, click on Harvest / Withdraw All to collect your rewards! However, be careful, you will lose 10% off mining rewards if they are withdrawn within 3 days.

How to Cast NFTs on Dego

Users can deposit any amount of pCWS tokens to consume 0.2 DEGO token to mint their very own Seascape-Dego NFT on Dego Foundry. The higher the amount, the better future rewards they have to look forward to! NFT casts are random, and their level (1–6) can influence rewards in the mining pool.

Random Casting grade: LV1-LV5

Token accepted: pCWS

Casting par value: 0.1 ≤ X ≤ 10 pCWS

Casting cost: 0.2 DEGO

Decomposition Cycle: 30 days to unlock

Level 6 NFTs

Perceptive users might have noticed that only Level 1–5 NFTs can be cast directly on Dego. Level 6 NFTs are so rare and mighty that they cannot be attained so easily. Instead, there are two ways to get your hands on them!

  1. Join our Retweet campaign. From March 16th to March 19th at 10am UTC, users can participate in our RT contest. The top 5 winners can get their hands on 1 rare and precious Lvl 6 Seascape-Dego NFT which can be used to get them some sweet rewards in the Beach Party pool!
  2. Join our charity sale! For 100 BNB, one very lucky user can go home with their very own lvl 6 Seascape x Dego NFT, and 50% of proceeds will go to charity! Go to our site for details.

NFT Lagniappe — Levels and Rewards

In case you would like a little extra push helping you to metagame your mining rewards, we have included the stats for the NFTs in regards to their productivity & mining efficiency

Lvl # — Productivity — Mining Efficiency

Lvl 1–0–5000–1.1+ 0.1*Productivity/5000

Lvl 2–5000–8000–1.2+ 0.1*(Productivity-5000)/3000

Lvl 3–8000–9000–1.3+ 0.1*(Productivity-8000/1000

Lvl 4–9000–9800–1.4+ 0.2*(Productivity-9000)/800

Lvl 5–9800–9980–1.6+ 0.2*(Productivity-9800)/180

Lvl 6–9980–10000–1.8+ 0.2*(Productivity-9980)/20

The future of NFTs is right here on the Seascape Network. Experience the true power of DeFi like no platform has ever seen before. Join the Seascape x Dego NFT Beach Party to reap your rewards today!

Your game. Your rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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