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2 min readFeb 6, 2023

Seascape Network and Kucoin have joined forces to bring a highly anticipated event to the cryptocurrency community. The CWS Trading Competition is designed to bring new attention to CWS on Kucoin and drive liquidity and trading volume for this exciting asset. This is a unique opportunity for both existing and new users of Kucoin to get involved and see the potential of CWS for themselves.

The Seascape and KuCoin partnership is hosting a CWS Trading Competition with a total reward pool of 90,000 CWS. The competition will consist of three different activities: a Makers Competition with a reward of 27,000 CWS, a Trading Competition with a reward of 48,000 CWS, and a Participation Prize Pool with a reward of 15,000 CWS. These activities aim to build the influence of CWS on KuCoin, gather sufficient attention from all the active KuCoin users, and provide better liquidity and effectively increase the trading volume and number of traders for CWS.

Activity 1: Market Makers

Join the Seascape and KuCoin CWS Maker Competition and have the chance to win a share of the 27,000 CWS prize pool. The top 50 users with the highest completed CWS maker amount will be eligible to win. Your reward will be calculated based on your completed maker amount as a proportion of the total completed maker amount reached by the top 50 eligible users. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to boost your trading skills and earn rewards!

Activity 2: Trading Competition

The Trading Competition will reward the top 30 accounts with the highest trading volume of CWS on KuCoin. The prize pool of 48,000 CWS will be distributed among these top traders, with the first place winner receiving 3,500 CWS, the second place winner receiving 3,000 CWS, and the third place winner receiving 2,500 CWS. From 4th to 10th place, each winner will receive 2,000 CWS, while the winners from 11th to 20th place will receive 1,500 CWS, and the winners from 21st to 30th place will receive 1,000 CWS.

Activity 3: Participation Rewards

All users who meet the requirements of having a trading amount of 500 CWS during the campaign period, adding CWS trading pairs to their favorite list, and passing KYC 1 will have the chance to win a share of the 15,000 CWS prize pool, which will be evenly split among all eligible participants.

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