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Staking Saloon Season 4 on BNB Chain!

Howdy partners! The Sheriff is back, this time for his fourth season on BNB Chain! Long time Seascape fans know exactly what’s going on in the old western office. One of the most highly acclaimed P2E gamefi minigames is back and ready for action! It’s time to stake Scape NFTs to earn Crowns (CWS) rewards!

This season, we’ve got two pools, one limited specialty pool, and one general pool. We’ve also got very generous rewards, especially for those who check in daily! Get your daily check-in bonus and NFT reward! What are you waiting for?

For details about the reward structure, check out our detailed blog post.

For a walkthrough on how Staking Saloon v2 works, check out our docs.

To go straight to the game itself, click here to get started!

Missing Scapes that you need for special combos? Visit the Scape Store!



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