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Step by Step Guide to SeaDex!

If you are one of the cool kids getting in on the Moonriver game, then you have got to get in on its very first DEX, SeaDex! This guide will let you in on how to take part in Moonriver’s first and only Dex with a focus on NFTs and gaming.

Step 1: Get your hands on MOVR!

Moonriver, for those who are not aware, is a Kusama parachain that supports Ethereum dApps by providing a full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) implementation. MOVR is its utility token and necessary for many transactions throughout the network.

First head over to Kucoin or to trade MOVR on the USDT. Get in quick before the price rises!

Step 2: Add Moonriver to your wallet!

It will be necessary to add Moonriver network to your wallet of choice before interacting with SeaDex. The official wallet of the Seascape Network is Metamask so it’s a great choice. The following is a brief guide for how to add MOVR to Metamask, but whichever wallet you’re using should have a similar process to follow. Check your respective websites for details.

Click on the top icon and then on Settings.

Next click on Add Network and enter the following details:

Network Name: Moonriver


ChainID: 1285

Symbol (Optional): MOVR

Block Explorer (Optional):

Step 3: Get RIB’d!

Riverboat (RIB) tokens are the first ERC-20 token deployed on Kusama and will have uses both in gaming and within the NFT economies throughout the Seascape Network. The SeaDex has launched with users able to trade on the RIB / MOVR pair. Get your hands on RIB tokens which will come in use in Seascape games, then add liquidity to the RIB-MOVR pool to get your hands on LP tokens which will come in handy in the first Moonriver Season of Profit Circus available next week!

First, add RIB to your wallet. You can do this in Metamask by clicking on Add Token at the bottom of the page.

Then add the official RIB address to your wallet.


Trading MOVR — RIB

3a — Connect your wallet by clicking the connect wallet button at the top left of the screen. We recommend using Metamask.

3b — Make sure your wallet is set to Moonriver chain

3c — In the SeaDex interface, select which token you would like to trade from, in this case MOVR

3d — Select which token you want to receive, in this case RIB

3e — Enter the desired trade amount

3f — Click on Swap.

3g — Preview the transaction in the pop-up window.

3h — Confirm the transaction request in your wallet.

Adding Liquidity

This is a similar process to trading. Just connect your wallet and click on the Liquidity section. Input the amount of liquidity you’d like to add, which will come from your total amount of MOVR tokens. Once you’ve added liquidity, you’ll receive RIB-MOVR LP tokens, which you can stake in the upcoming season of Profit Circus!

The magic starts today! Don’t wait, get in on the action immediately!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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