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The Great Pancake Migration

Pancake is packing its bags and moseying on to greener pastures. And as Pancake moves house, that means all of you currently staking your pCWS there, will also have a few simple chores to do yourselves. There will be 0 loss of funds for everyone, and only users in PancakeSwap LP #vSafe will be required to act. It’s no reason to panic or despair, they just want to provide you with better service, so this kind of housekeeping is well worth the effort!

What will you need to do?

Note: this will also impact any Pancake-related vaults that you may be participating in. Check out Autofarm and Beefy to make sure you stake pCWS LP tokens with the correct Pancake Smart contract

Autofarm pCWS LP Farms
Beefy pCWS LP Farms

You can find the new pools by checking out Pancake’s guide here. Go here to unstake your tokens from the old smart contract and onto the new one! And stay up to date on vaults to make sure you’re all up to date!

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