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The Seascape Network Announces Its SHO

The Seascape Network excitedly announces its very first Strong Holder Offering, otherwise known as SHO. For this project, we are working together with DAO Maker, a leading accelerator focused on DeFi projects.

Through this event, we aim to find those among our fans who have proven to be long-term token holders and set them up with nice rewards! The beneficiaries will be strong holders of Crowns, the universal token of the Seascape Network. Those who hold and don’t sell for varying periods of time will be the beneficiaries of this round of rewards.

The amount of Crowns held combined with the length of holding will qualify users for various stages of rewards, thereby incentivizing the growth of the Crowns token. This is a huge opportunity for early adopters of the Seascape Network to demonstrate their interest, help build it from the ground up, and be handsomely rewarded for having done so!

The SHO is a public sale that is refundable if in the coming 6 months the price falls below 20% of the original public sale price. In my opinion this is a great way to offer insurance to early investors to protect against unreliable projects. Luckily, we are very reliable and confident that this will not be invoked. More details about the SHO can be read on the DAO Maker pages.

There will be a series of rounds and rewards, all detailed on the Seascape DaoMaker page. Stay tuned to our social media for more information!

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