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Vote for your Favorite Meme-Lord!

Attention Memelords, Memeladies, and those who meme-inbetween! We’ve seen countless entries from among the best and brightest all across the cryptosphere. And today is the day of reckoning. Who will be Seascape’s Ultimate Meme Star?

The edgiest memelords out there will all be aware of Seascape’s Spring Meme contest which just recently concluded. During that time, we’ve seen entries on both Seascape’s Telegram and Twitter, many of which have been side-splittingly hilarious. It’s genuinely too difficult to choose just one! But like Highlander, only one can remain! And now it’s up to you to make that happen!

Starting RIGHT NOW you can vote for your favorite gut-buster meme by clicking the link below. Tomorrow, April 11th, we will be issuing out rewards based on the winners!

Don’t wait, go vote RIGHT NOW:

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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