Yeah, Let’s Hear It For The Boy

Thanks Will Aldrich for sending this video (and everyone for sending everything)

But, yeah, let’s hear it for the boy …because this shit is hard.

Close friends keeping gushing about how calm and zen I’m being about this. But for me, what’s the alternative? Freak out? Not be present with Molly and Mabel and family and friends? Make this harder on everyone already doing so much for me?

About 15 years ago I came up with a personal philosophy I called Mindful in the Storm. It was my adult decision that the sum of modern existence, while often beautiful and kind, was often in a state of storm. And to get the most of the beauty and joy in our lives requires one to be mindful of the storms (violence, hatred, theft, injustice, illness, bad traffic, high rents, whatever), accept them, recognize them, but not let them control you. You have to walk thru them while you stay on your original path.

If you haven’t thought of this before, I can recommend it with my whole heart.

But this wasn’t supposed to be an giving post, it was supposed to be an asking post. Because this shit fucking sucks so much and my and my family’s battle on it has barely begun. So, please keep the funny gifs and beautiful pictures coming…

And can we please, hear it for the boy?

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