While a team is a type of organizational group of people, a group of people is not necessary a team. At SEAT:CODE our product teams are multidisciplinary teams composed by the team lead, the product manager, the product designer and the software engineers of multiple disciplines (mobile, frontend, backend, etc).

It is time to say goodbye to a very important person for SEAT:CODE, a person who saw us born, who has been with us since the beginning.
As we announced a few weeks ago, our SEAT CIO, Sebastian Grams, will seize another great opportunity within the VW Group as a Managing Director in AUDI Sport.

Sebastian has been a great sponsor of SEAT:CODE, he has defended our way of working, our values and has always contributed enormously to the success of SEAT:CODE, fully supporting our strategy, plans and growth.

In this last interview in SEAT:CODE, Sebastian was surprised by his wife to ask him some funny questions and others a bit unexpected.

But, it is not all sad news, an awesome new CIO of SEAT is coming, with a lot of experience and will continue to sponsor SEAT:CODE in the same way or even more.

Great news for SEAT:CODE 😃 ➡️ We have received a brand new ID.3 car directly from the Volkswagen AG headquarters in Germany.

What does it mean to us?

Oliver Grimm explains it very well in this video: “It’s a great challenge 💪 to have this full-electric car 🔌🚗 as the next vehicle to be integrated into our 📲 mobility platform”.

⏳ Soon we will be able to tell you more, so stay tuned 🛎!

As a team, we believe that our daily sustainable and healthy practices at work and at home are important. We encourage our team to incorporate these tips into their home life on a smaller scale.

More and more people in the SEAT:CODE family have transformed the work environment into their…

SEAT MÓ service is already available in Barcelona

I’m happy to announce that the new SEAT Motosharing service in Barcelona has been launched. It’s called SEAT MÓ. Its technical soul is powered by SEAT:CODE. Like a proud grandpa, let me share its story with you and thank the big effort of the team.

The Seed of a Sustainable Mobility

Fancy an electrical scooter ride…


from Car Manufacturer to Digital Services

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