For the First Timers of #BindTrump, Welcome to the Arte, and to the #MagicResistance

Here’s a few guidelines for your first foray into the hidden artes and sciences.

For those first timers who are participating in tonight’s ritual to #BindTrump, Welcome to the Arte! Here are a few guidelines:

First, a binding is not considered black magic, so don’t worry about karma. It’s the equivalent of a restraining order.

Second, you can practice the arte without changing your religion; we’re an inclusive bunch (well, most of us).

Third, the “threefold law” is not a law, so much as it is Wiccan canon law. If you aren’t Wiccan, you aren’t held to it.

Fourth, can you do black magic? Of course you can. Sometimes, it is justified. But make sure you do it right, because it only comes back around to you for two reasons: if you aren’t justified (and you didn’t take steps to get out of jail free) or if you fucked it up. Don’t fuck it up.

Fifth, there are many branches, and schools of thought, theory, and practice regarding the arte. All are magic, but not all work the same way. Much like Dolly Parton and Marilyn Manson are both musicians, their musical expressions are quite different. Magic is much the same. Find one that’s right for you.

Sixth, rule of thumb, keep mostly quiet about what you do. Trust me, you’ll be better off. Plus, it adds to its effectiveness; with the exception of things like #BindTrump, where you are adding to the energy and effort of a collective action.

Seventh, if you have questions, don’t guess, ASK. People who have been there before should help guide you so you can figure out the answer on your own. No one gives you answers. You should always record and document all you do — unlike most religious traditions, wherein you only have your faith alone as proof of effectiveness, you can use the scientific method and apply it to your practices, and through experimentation, use tangible and demonstrable data to refine your works and efforts. Don’t waste your time on something that isn’t working; find out what does, and maximize it.

Eighth, Timing is everything. You’ll figure that part out later.

And finally, Ninth: Once you start on this path, you might find that your life sort of, erm, changes; in strange and marvelous and fascinating ways. When this happens, and you’ll know it when it does, message me — I can help explain what’s happening and why, and help you with what to do next.

And a bonus tip to make a perfect ten: Don’t just see, look. Don’t just read, understand. Don’t just hear, listen. You’ll know it when you see it.

See michaelmhughes’s fantastic article for the main binding tonight, A Spell To Bind Trump and All Who Abet Him, plus you can read my addendum article that includes How to Curse Donald Trump immediately thereafter, if you want to go a little further than a binding. Happy hexing.

Casey Evans is a writer, musician, and activist based in Seattle, Washington. A proud Cascadian, Casey offers commentary and offers reports on politics, culture, and life in the Pacific Northwest.

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