To Bind — And Curse — Trump and All Who Abet Him

Magi across the world are going to bat for you. Here’s how to help, in both a “good” way and a “bad” way.

Tarot has a Trump Card called The Tower. Literally it is a Trump Tower, Too perfect of a correspondence, wouldn’t you say?

UPDATE: To be clear, last night was the “first wave”, if you will, the start of the 24th, but tonight is the massive, collective ritual. Check your local occult circles and shops to see if there are any gatherings happening where you are, if not, you can always do the ritual solo.

Even If you aren’t Magi, we need you tonight anyway. No-Maj’s, muggles, and plain people of all types can help, regardless of faith or background. Christians, pray for our success as the clock strikes twelve. Atheists, at midnight, think about us, and out loud, wish us luck. We aren’t just doing this for ourselves. We’re doing it for you, too. If you can’t fight along with us, then please, have our backs: The beacons are lit, and we are calling for your aid!

In magic, a binding is not considered black magic, as it’s the equivalent of a restraining order.

Additionally, thousands of people doing the same thing at the same time has collective power, just as the collective power of prayer is demonstrably proven to have a tangible effect more often than the individual on his or her own.

Just as the union song goes, “when the union’s inspiration through the workers blood shall run, there can be no greater power anywhere beneath the sun, yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one, but the union makes us strong.”

In an esoteric, metaphysical sense, the Trump Administration is currently receiving a wave of energy, blast after blast as the earth rotates through each time zone.

In an uncharacteristic display of unity, witches, Wiccans, shamans, Heremeticists, cunning folk, sorcerers and sorceresses, hoodooists, occultists, magicians of all stripes, Ceremonialists and Ritualists, are all getting together in common cause to — literally — harness the powers of the universe to protect you from Donald Trump.

Whether you believe in magic or not is irrelevant; in my experience, magic doesn’t care whether or not you believe in it. It’s going to exist — and work — regardless of your opinion on it.

But hey, that’s just me, you do you, whatever suits you, but in case you want to join the fight against the president in a simple — and if I might say, having reviewed the spell written by an anonymous member of a “magical order” (i.e., likely one of the secretive ones, such as [redacted] Templii [redacted], or perhaps even [redacted]∴[redacted]∴ — sorry, can’t go into any more details than that, because if I were hoping to be involved with one or the other in the future, which who knows if I am, but I’m sure I shouldn’t go into too much detail, you know, loose lips sink ships, and all that, but those who are “in the know” know exactly who I’m talking about*)

Here is the spell, including instructions on what you need in order to make it all happen, and when precisely to do it. Follow it precisely, without modification.

If though, like me, you are unhappy with just a binding and you wish to cast an actual curse on the President of the United States, Someone Who I Absolutely Assure You Was Not Me, No Sir, No Way wrote up a curse to cast just after the binding, which you should do for the sake of collective power, and because it’s actually pretty damn great, considering it’s a binding.

But still, “let’s just hex the bastard, shall we?”… is what I would say were I into such things…

From my colleague writer at ExtraNewsfeed, michaelmhughes, here is the main article he wrote, with all of the details of the spell, here:
A Spell To Bind Donald Trump And All Those Who Abet Him In Feb 24th Mass Ritual

….And immediately following the binding, it will be, in any time zone, an Hour of Mars. At 12:04 AM, cusping from the Hour of Saturn just before, both are great for curses, and calling forth the elements and spirits of the Underworld, and I have a feeling that Hades, who is actually quite fair and judicious given how feared he is, as a judge of character, would side with “we the petitioners” in this case against Mr. Trump, and not impede in any way, the summoning of his subjects for lending as a spiritual force to stop the Trump administration.

If I believed in such things, of course…. who can say what I believe, really….

But immediately following the binding, to go a step further, and although the formula will take longer to make, if anyone has a fire philtre (elemental fluid condenser of fire) or, in substitution, craft or purchase a fire element oil at your local metaphysical or occult store (like, right now, quickly, you don’t have much time) so that at 12:04 use Geomancy sigils for PUER and AMISSIO (for negativity and loss) in black ink on a piece of paper never before used for any other purpose:

and declare your intent in Bats Blood Ink on said paper, as this (if not, use red ink):

“Donald Trump’s presidency ends, his administration crumbles as it is removed from office this year.”

Suffumigation/incense to use: Dragon’s Blood, if possible combine with Black Pepper
Colours: Red to wear and for your ink for the text of the curse (if you want to use secondary colours to make it fancy, decorate your PUER symbols in black, and your AMISSIO symbols in green, as AMISSIO is representative of Earth Element, which “buries”, of course…)

Dab the philtre or oil on your paper and let it air dry before declaring your intent, that way it won’t smear. Trace the invoking pentagram of fire (in your mind’s eye, make it a red tracing), and you can see how to make this gesture here at this link, and as you do, ensorcel it with the following incantation, from Gary St. Michael Nottingham’s Grimoiric tome, Foundations of Sorcery, Vol I: LIBER NOCTIS:

“Hear me O element fire, for this charge I lay, thou art subject unto my will in every way; Hear my words, addressed to thee, for this my will, so make it be.”

Drop it into your cauldron (or fire proof black bowl) atop either vesta powder (careful, it’ll put on quite a show) or black arts incense (if BAI, let the incense burn out as it will outdoors or out a window, don’t let that energy in your home, send it instead to the White House), or just let it burn out with just standard fire, but either way, you must give your command directly to the element of fire.

…Or so I’m told.

Either way, if you don’t believe in magic (which is irrelevant to magic and its ability to work, even on you, just FYI for the future) then root on the Magi of the world, because they’re literally going to battle for you tonight.

May whatever higher power you believe in be at their backs.

#MagicResistance #SorcerousSolidarity #WandsUpWitches

Casey Evans is a writer, musician, and activist based in Seattle, Washington. A proud Cascadian, Casey offers commentary and offers reports on politics, culture, and life in the Pacific Northwest.

(*if I were, however, looking for involvement in such organizations, I’m sure if they reached out to me, if I were looking for such things, in that specific scenario, I wouldn’t mind, but of course, that’s hypothetical. -C)