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Hiring a Seattle SEO strategist or SEO expert requires some basic steps for anyone looking to get their website ranked higher and drive more traffic.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization and it's when an SEO expert compiles and builds your website content, domain authority, along other factors so that it is ranked higher.

Think about when you search something on Google, the search engine uses keywords and phrases to help the users get to where they need to be. An SEO Strategist is someone who manages and takes care of the website by optimizing it for visitors and search engines. But, the latter is becoming irrelevant based on what Google states. Though, the structure and technical aspects of SEO still apply. For example, our Seattle SEO strategist has a unique background in SEO such as coding skills and an extensive understanding of data and various SEO tools. Coupled with all these skillsets we can drive and improve website rankings effectively for businesses.

What is a Seattle SEO strategist?

SEO strategists are marketing strategists who help develop search engine marketing campaigns. SEO strategists use a variety of tools and services to monitor and track, and improve the traffic of a web page. They also work with the owners and web developers of a web site to give their input that will help them increase traffic and higher search rankings.

SEO strategists have a number of skills and talents such as being content writers and also have coding insight and experience. They also handle PPC (Pay Per Click advertising). Overall, SEO Strategist markets the website and covers advertising as well as attracting website visitors. The main goal for any SEO strategist is to not only increase traffic but also improve the direction and or flow of web pages. For example, ensuring that visitors are thoroughly engaged and convert into customers.

What skills are needed to be an SEO strategist

An SEO Strategist works and should be comfortable and ready to be in an office-like area or space to ensure the maximum amount of work can be done. Many hours of being on a computer or related devices are needed. You must also have a Creative mindset and be analytical in terms of analyzing data and adapting to changes.

SEO strategists are also critical thinkers and problem solvers. For example, being able to understand existing websites, where the problems are, and be able to identify and rectify them.

As any successful SEO consultant or expert they always the mindset of being able to expand into and understand various markets. For example, being able to understand different industries and customers is a must! As are communication skills during meetings between customers, designers, and web developers.

Why do you need an SEO Strategist?

Today most people use the internet to determine whether or not they would like to use and buy a product or service. A business website helps make sure that the user is well informed of what it is trying to promote or sell. A nice homepage and catalog can help tremendously, but if it is never found during a search would be pointless. Hence a functional website coupled with SEO factors should be built.

Traits companies look for in an SEO Strategist

Businesses and companies alike look for SEO strategists who can showcase their experience as well as results in Online marketing. Many companies prefer those who have done marketing in big entities or have experience in PPC. But, the key priority is finding an SEO strategist that is able to code, write, problem-solve, understand and analyze data, and a key understanding of markets.

What Can A SEO strategist do for you?

An SEO strategist has a number of SEO services, skills, and talents, one of them being able to design a website. Today common people do their research and due diligence when finding a product that they want to purchase, a website can give them a detailed look at the product, and reviews of the product could be posted. This way your customers can have a better understanding of the product. With functional and strong website design it will separate your company from your competitors. In fact, the point of having a small business website is not to just look aesthetically pleasing but its purpose is to simply make you money. Our Seattle SEO strategist does exactly that!

Why an SEO strategist is important

People often struggle with ideas for the content on a small business website. One rule of thumb is to always keep it straight to the point. After all, your customers do not have the time and are only looking at how the product or service could help them. For example, a quick Q & A or demonstration of the product, Who is the product for, How much will it cost are important.

Another focal part of our Seattle SEO strategist does is to create a story and establish a relationship. Remember a connection between the customer and the product or service will result in a potential conversion. A small business website can help with attracting investors.

Applying the right SEO practices will ensure that your website is ready.

How Much is it to Hire an SEO strategist?

SEO is a widely used online marketing strategy that is used to raise brand recognition, generate targeted traffic, and boost the company‘s popularity on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search results. Although the advantages of successful SEO are obvious, the cost of implementing an SEO strategy can vary considerably depending on the company‘s goals and the type of SEO strategy deployed.

As Seattle SEO Strategists our rates start at $75 p/h. We also have monthly packages catered to each business. Packages for SEO can run for as little as $350 p/m.

How do you measure SEO success?

SEO efforts can be measured based on a number of metrics. For example, growth, increase in traffic, conversions, sales, more interaction, etc. There seem to be a variety of ways to calculate key performance indicators and thus efficiency.

When working with an SEO consultant it’s always best to know what goals you want to set. For example, increased traffic to a website or a specific homepage, growing conversions such as newsletter registrations or sales, raising the number of inbound connections, driving traffic to a specific keyword term, or increasing traffic for referrals.

What next…

You're probably reading this article for the sake of locating a Seattle SEO Strategist? Or just curious? Regardless, it's always best to do your homework and pick the right SEO specialist that fits you, and your business.

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