Four Thieves by Jeff Buchanan

Chrome Hacking : Steal saved passwords, form fields, bookmarks and history.

I have reported this to Google before I brought it to you, their response was disappointing and amounted to “Yes, given unrestricted access to a user’s account, you can steal data from it … Status:WontFix”.

You can try it with your friends at work or with anyone that gives you access to a computer… it’s really funny but dangerous and they really should fix it.

Lets Do It

Click the icon on the right corner or chrome://settings/manageProfile

Click on the Edit person or chrome://settings/people



Use another gmail account with a known password (your gmail account)

Click next

Click continue

BOOM you just stole chrome all saved passwords, form fields, bookmarks, history without knowing their password.

open any other computer

Sign in with your gmail account
browse to chrome://settings/?search=password

Now you have all their password under you google account without ever knowing what their password was and call me crazy, but that ain’t right.

Many thanks to Idan Slonimsky that was an integral part of the work that lead to this post, and for his help in reviewing it.

Editors Note: Put a WEBGAP between you and the malware with a browser isolation technology or by leveraging a remote browser service.