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secjuice10 | Ten Of The Worlds Greatest Cybersecurity Writers, Authors & Bloggers

Guise Bule
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4 min readDec 12, 2017


Welcome to the secjuice10, a homage to our favorite cybersecurity blogs, whose writers are well worth reading no matter who you are.

There are hundreds of great cybersecurity blogs out there, but secjuice10 pays homage to those professionals who maintain their own blogs and who publish a steady stream of deeply interesting cybersecurity articles through them.

Alchemists turned into chemists when they stopped keeping secrets.
Eric Raymond

We specifically chose those writers who manage their own blogs in order to recognize the hard work they put into making sure the rest of us are just as well informed on cybersecurity current affairs and concepts as they are.

Each of these writers is in our top ten because, in our view, they have realized that their true value lies not in their specialized knowledge, but in their ability to articulate that knowledge to others, its the reason you should read them.

If you are new to cybersecurity, or an old hand who needs to catch up on their reading, then these are the people that you need to read and follow.

  1. Brian Krebs — Krebs On Security
    If you do not follow Brian on Twitter, then you should be. His blog Krebs on Security is easily one of the most respected cybersecurity blogs out there, Brian covers the latest threats, privacy breaches and cyber-criminals, as well as the latest news. He’s also an author.
  2. Troy Hunt — TroyHunt.com
    Troy is a world famous cybersecurity professional who travels the world speaking at events and giving talks to technology executives. He’s also the man behind Have I Been Pwned?” a free service that lets you know if you’ve been compromised in a data breach. Follow him on Twitter.
  3. Graham Cluley — GrahamCluley.com
    Graham is a well known independent computer security analysts and public speaker with a fantastic blog. Graham started as a programmer, writing the first ever version of Dr Solomon’s Anti-Virus Toolkit, followed by senior roles at Sophos and McAfee. Follow him on Twitter.
  4. Bruce Schneier — Schneier On Security
    Bruce is an incredibly well known name in the cybersecurity space, with a very well known security blog. Almost a celebrity, Bruce has written books and hundreds of papers, articles on security. Follow him on Twitter.
  5. Richard Bejtlich — Tao Security
    Richard is the Chief Security Strategist at FireEye and author of lots of books on security. He began his career as a military intelligence officer at the Air Force Information Warfare Center and he writes about digital defense and network monitoring. Follow him on Twitter.
  6. Amanda Rousseau — Secured.org
    Amanda is a senior malware researcher at security firm Endgame and one of the most prominent female cybersecurity commentators on Twitter where she is known as MalwareUnicorn. She runs the cybersecurity blog Secured.org and VanitySec, focused on security and fashion which is just awesome and a lot more fun than your usual sec blog.
  7. Marco Ramilli — Marco Ramilli’s Blog
    Marco is the founder of YOIRO and a malware analysis and evasion expert, he writes a mixture of technical articles, mixed with articles that even your CISO can understand. His focus seems to be penetration testing and electronic voting system security. Follow him on Twitter.
  8. Lenny Zeltser — Information Security in Business
    Lenny is a specialist on digital forensics and malware combat and a member of the board of directors at the SANS Technology Institute. He writes about information security in the enterprise and leads data protection efforts at NCR. Follow him on Twitter.
  9. Roger McClinton — Rogers’ Information Security Blog
    Roger has been blogging about cybersecurity since 2004 over at his infosec blog where he keeps huge amount of articles. Roger recommends, evaluates, selects and writes about security solutions, definitely worth reading because of this. Follow him on Twitter.
  10. Xavier Merten — Xavier Merten’s Blog
    Xavier is an information security consultant by day, security blogger and hacker at night, he writes about hardware and software security and has been doing so since 2003. His motto is “to better defend yourself, know your enemy”, that’s why you should follow him on Twitter.

Thats the secjuice10 list of our favorite independent bloggers and writers who focus on cybersecurity, the best advice that we can give you is that you immediately go and follow all of these people, start reading their articles.

If you think we missed anyone out, let us know in the comments below, this can easily become a secjuice20 with the swish of a pen.

Who else should we pay homage to?



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